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Your Inner Morgan Freeman

By Evan Sanders

Take a second to imagine that you're sitting in a pretty loud bar having a pretty crappy day. Alright are you there? Good.

On your left there's an absolutely drunk-to-their-last-cell baseball fan screaming and yelling at the TV while spilling his drink everywhere. He's obnoxious, loud, angry, and completely out of control. To make matters worse, he's taken a liking to you and continues to yell in your ear everything about what's wrong with the game, how much the umpires suck, how much the players suck and everything else that is wrong in the world.

Even though you tried to get away from him, he is following you and you can't escape. Good lord. God help you.

So because you can't escape, you just sit there and take it. Minute after minute he is telling you everything that is wrong in his life and how much it sucks.

The worst part about all of this is that you can't even get a second to yourself to think. You came to that bar to watch the game and relax, not to hear someone ranting about their life.

Even though this is ruining your day, you might as well get comfortable.

The entire time you spent listening to this fan you failed to realize that Morgan Freeman was sitting on your other side trying to give you some advice about how to get out of this conversation. But, because your attention was so focused on the fan, you failed to hear the other soft speaking voice.

How in the world did you miss Morgan Freeman? Because that loud fan...that's your internal critic.

It's a jerk. In fact, most of our internal critics (that negative voice in our mind) are incredibly vicious and know exactly what to say to destroy us. Then, there's the voice of your inner wisdom.

The voice of your inherent wisdom is soft spoken, low, deep and very powerful. If you focus all of your attention on the internal critic, you will never hear the wisdom of your wisdom.

That inner Morgan Freeman is the true guide of your life.

But if you lose focus and pay attention to the fan, you will never hear that voice. You will only hear negativity.

And not the love, passion, drive, and enthusiasm. So, today, take some time when things are sounding pretty negative in your head, and see if you can hear your inner Morgan Freeman speaking.

What is he saying? How is he guiding you?

Listen to Morgan.

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