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What You Need To Know About Steel Pan Drums For Sale

By Jessica Jackson

Drums have existed among different world cultures for ages. They are among the most basic musical instruments. Through ancient civilization, they were used as musical instruments. More importantly, they were used to communicate. Every culture had a different type or variation of the instrument. The steel pan drum is one such instrument. It has existed through different eras and civilization. This article looks at a few interesting points to note about steel pan drums for sale.

This musical instrument is composed of three main parts. These are the skirt, the surface, and the belly. The skirt serves different functions. It determines the pitch of the instrument. The skirt length is different depending on the designers regarding his or her desire for pitch. Instruments with longer skirts have a lower pitch. On the other hand, those with shorter skirts have a higher pitch.

The drums can be traced back to the age of slave trade. They were crafted on the Caribbean island during the slave trade ages. However, they originally came from African. The instrument has morphed through the ages. Changes have been made by different Islanders from Trinidad and Tobago. These improvements range from changing its shape and designs. The main idea through all these phases was to improve its sound.

Historically, the drums were a symbol of rebellion. They were played by commoners in the streets. The elite in society perceived the music as a revolt. Over the ages, however, this misconception has been changed. The instrument is symbolic to people coming into freedom. Moreover, it is enjoyed across nations for its ability to create beats.

Original pieces of the instruments can be found in popular music shops across the world. It is particularly common in the Caribbean nations. Shipments can be made for overseas sales. Online shops may have this equipment in stock. Tourists have a toy like portable versions made as souvenirs. These replicas cannot be played as the original ones. On the contrary, they are purchased as a symbol of the nation.

The steel pan drum is an instrument in the process of perfection. Artisans continue to improve it and make different variations for better effects. Its main limitation is a range. It has a low range compared to most modern instruments. It is also cumbersome for transportation. These are limitations that continue to be improved over time.

Due to its fragility, the equipment demands particular care. The drum owners must have a storage case. If the instrument is not in use, it must be stored. The case protects it from the sun. Owing to the nature of metal, overexposure to heat may cause expansion. That may tamper with the tuning of the instrument. Do not place any objects on the surface. Get a stand to hang the drum. Do not rest it on its belly. Ensure that only a professional tunes and repairs it.

The drum is uniquely created. It is a strong historical and cultural artifact for the Caribbean islanders. It continues to gain international acceptance. The steel pan drum is available in online stores. It must, however, be tuned and repaired by an expert. It is delicate and should, therefore, be stored and handled with maximum care.

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