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Chiropractic Care Helps Relieve Pinched Nerves In Long Island

By Rae Patricio

If you are suffering from pain and discomfort, the problem could be a pinched nerve or nerve impingement. This can result in headaches, back pain, leg pain, and pain almost anywhere in the body. In fact, even vital organ function can be affected. Thankfully, your chiropractor offers Long Island active release technique, and it can be highly beneficial.

Nerves may be impinged by muscles, tendons, or your spine. This may be the result of trauma from an accident or overuse. For example, a car accident can throw your spine out of alignment and working at a computer all day, can result in problems like carpal tunnel syndrome. Once muscles and tendons are over tight, they may affect mobility.

A tightened muscle, tendon, or ligament may interfere with nerve activity. Your nerves are an important part of the brain's communication system. Nerves constantly send and receive messages from the brain to the body. Once a nerve is impinged it cannot do its job properly and this may cause pain signals to run along the nerve, causing you to feel strange sensations.

Impinged nerves can make you feel like you are being shocked with electricity. They can create excruciating headaches and back pain. In fact, depending on which nerve is affected, you could hurt in your hands, feet, shoulder, and many other areas. You also may feel burning sensations or numbness.

Over time, impinged nerves can become damaged, creating scar tissue. This tissue often prevents normal muscle or joint function. ART (Active Release Therapy) is used to restore nerve function by eliminating scar tissue. This can restore muscle function and allow nerves to heal.

An experienced ART practitioner touches and feels areas which contain scar tissue. With applied pressure and massage, these points are broken up. In addition, impinged nerves can be caused by a misaligned spine and you may also need chiropractic adjustment therapy. It might not take long before you notice relief.

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