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Encouragement Can Truly Move Mountains

By Evan Sanders

Encouragement is one of the most powerful things there is.

We all need someone in our corner who believes in us when we are down and out. Isn't it funny how life simply seems to happen and we get knocked down consistently? But your world can actually change when you have a true encourager in your life. This person is someone who truly believes in you and can bring you up when you aren't feeling great about yourself. This is someone who can remind you precisely who you are when you can't seem to remember.

We need a whole lot more encouragement being spread around.

The reason why encouragement is so critical to peoples success is because it motivates something deep within their heart when they are struggling to believe in themselves. Encouragement allows people to find what they need within themselves to get back up when they have been knocked down and to try and try again.

It's a tough world to live in these days. It has most likely always been the same, but the fact that is undeniable is that there's a whole lot of negativity and hatred floating around. With all of that in play, it becomes incredibly hard for people to be able to love, support, and encourage others who are struggling. That's what makes it even more important.

Maybe it's because we would like them to be back down at our level because we have not risen ourselves? Who really knows? But what I do know for certain is that we tend to need to bring darkness into peoples lives instead of light. That fact is pretty disturbing when you think about it long enough.

The world really needs some sort of change.

It's time to start promoting what we love instead of constantly bashing what we hate. Hate does not lead to the building of dreams, the raising up of people or the promotion of light. Hate only leads to more hate. We need a whole lot more love and encouragement.

So be an encourager. Be someone who supports peoples lives instead of takes away from them. Be someone who makes everyone else better.

Without it, we will continue the same old story that has been going on for generations.

It's time for something new and completely different. So take a stand for what you love instead of tearing down people who are trying to make a difference. Maybe that change will be exactly what we all need?

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Benefits Businessmen Could Get By Using Web Design And Development

By Mattie Knight

Nowadays, almost all the people in our community are living quite a fast paced life. All of them, including us, is busy about our work and is always hurrying to meet deadlines. We dont even give ourselves a leisure time to be happy even for an hour. We just always choose those activities that will require only a part of our whole time.

For example, a lot of people are doing online shopping than giving time to relax at the mall and leave their working space in the office or at home. It simply is because the task is simpler and very much convenient to include in their hectic schedule. Since more and more businesses are going online, several of the businessmen are now trying web design and development Edmonton.

This service is definitely very helpful for them. Developing your very own website will effectively attract more shoppers and a good way to reach to them first before others could even reach them. These businessmen will definitely spend money just to hire a professional developer to help them create their website. Also, it should be friendly to users so that busy shoppers would have easy time in using it.

Having this type of development and did it effectively will surely give you a lot of advantages. With this, you could establish your brand identity to the market. Your designer will aid you in making it look attractive which would really stand out among other brands.

Other advantage you get in using this web development services is the ability to create a very attractive design in all the pages of your website. This could really attract customers and effective enough to make the entire page retain to their mind. A lot of people think that designing webs is just like building the basic structure of a house when in fact there is a lot more.

Also, you no longer have to worry about the specific things you need to place as contents. This is because your service provider will include this in your website building package. Therefore, they can give you good write ups so you could effectively convey your services, goals, and so much more that concerns marketing. These things are going to be informative that will truly push a customer to buy something.

Talking about developments, one way is making a scene online through search engine optimization or SEO. Your developer would try his best to make your site keep on top of the different search engines available. Mostly, businesses use SEO articles to also market their products and upload those to various blog sites where SEO spiders would read it.

Using the over all services of the service provider will definitely help you tone down your maintenance cost. Yes, putting up something is only the easy part. The hard part is how to keep your shoppers and enable them to always visit your website. One way in doing this is through adding something new once in a while with the help of your developers.

But several web designers really create sites that can be easily modified. Therefore, you will only need them when you want to have a major change. But simple and smaller things will become your responsibility as long as you know the basic of designing and programming. Therefore, you got a new chance to save a lot more money.

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Some Vital Retirement Management Tips

By Mattie Knight

Retirement money can go easily as it came. Therefore, you really have to be more concerned on your expenses. Only spend for things that are essential for your daily living. Other luxuries are not necessary now unless it pertains to a family travel with all of your loved ones. Collect memories instead of objects which you cannot bring during your death.

You should be debt free from this point onwards. If you have managed to accumulate a huge amount of debt in your lifetime, your retirement management Cumming has to be specific. Write down your montly dues for this aspect. Also, find a way on how you can increase the money you have. Bank investments can be a good place to start.

You must already have accounts for electronic billing. People your age must stay in your home and stay away from crowded places such as the bank. Your memory will also stop being useful to you at this stage. So, choose a final institution which you will be able trust and be sure that they can send you an up to date bill of your payments.

Incorporate simplicity in your new lifestyle. Living without your kids can already allow you to get rid of the unnecessary luxuries that you are used to. Start with the foods you are eating. If you can go organic, have the space and crops for your future garden. Pay attention to your health and budget at the same time.

Go for a budget plan for both of your electricity and water bills. While your business plan is not yet completed, your daily costs really have to become minimized. In this situation, you can avoid staying tuned to the television and taking long baths which are already harmful for your health. Be concerned of both your money and immune system.

Get discounts with the use of the senior citizen card. This is for your charity works to be more funded. You may deserve every penny in your account but you have to be remembered for greater things. Organize fund raising events and be among the donors for you to create an impact on other individuals despite your failing health.

Get the full package for Medicaid in Cumming, GA. This can secure your treatment in case of a sudden heart attack. The staff will only ask for some identification and this can prevent your funds from getting stolen while you are in a critical stage. Also, the insurance agents can represent you for discounts.

Be a patron of generic medicine for your supplements. This is still related to your cost cutting strategies. However, the tablets for your organs should still come from a specific brand. This can keep you being bed ridden and ending up having a complete organ failure.

Do not be a cash lender to the people who are close to you. Your money is supposed to be in a business. This set up is what will guarantee you of a profit in return. Your goal here is to live comfortably until the day you die and that is never going to happen if you shall continue to be impractical.

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Tips For Choosing The Best Hip Hop Producers Selling Beats Online

By Alexis Vanderpump

Some songs dominated the music industry and not because of the message its passes across but the rhythm. Making an impact in the music industry not easy because of the high level of competition. To beat competition strive to get the finest tempo. Therefore, know the guidelines for choosing the best underground Hip Hop producers selling beats online.

Since very countless individuals are hopeful to create a career in the music scene, it is essential for them to obtain rhythms to back up their songs. This created a demand for rhythms and several professionals came up with an intention of curbing the demand and making money out of it. The best method of finding the right expert is by using referrals and recommendations.

When the professionals display their skills in creating the rhythms, they build a reputation for themselves in the market. This reputation clearly depicts the kind of rhythms the producer can create. Therefore, be careful in picking the professional in regards to his status. Make sure you settle for an expert with the greatest reputation.

The most important resource at the disposal of the professional is knowledge. The professional will be heavily relying on his/her knowledge to come up with the rhythm. When he/she possesses a wider knowledge, he has the capability of performing better than those limited in knowledge. Choose one with a high level of knowledge.

Experience is an imperative aspect that cannot be ignored. There is a clear difference between experienced specialists and inexperienced ones. Experienced professionals are the best to work with because they understand the production procedures better. This boosts the efficiency and the effectiveness of the rhythm production.

The professionals impose their own prices for the rhythms they sell. This is the reason why you can find one selling cheaper than other individuals. This is because they run their businesses independently and this grants them the liberty to impose their own prices. Choose a producer who creates good beats but charges cheaper than his peers do.

When shopping for a perfect rhythm, you have your own demands and the producer too has his demands too. The challenge emerges when it comes to determining who takes the rights and the royalties. Without settling this argument early enough, when your music is recognized in the industry, there is a possibility of a strife with the producer.

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Results You Can Expect From Responsive Website Design

By Mattie Knight

Creating websites have become a necessary thing for personal uses, more so for business purposes. Because of the rise of internet, people find that it would be better to reach their clientele through the medium they are using at the moment. You could also say that the creation of sites for the web has become a very good business for most. Those who need a certain webpage could contact professionals about this.

When it comes to creating websites, the designs are very necessary. The designs should bear the company signature even the logo. In fact, everything should scream that your business owns it and they can find out all of your products or services through it. Another reason why you should properly considered how this should be designed is because it can also serve as a marketing tool. One very well known method for creating one is the responsive website design Edmonton.

Responsive website design is a type of design that is being utilized by various companies these days. It requires a different set of codes since it has to be interactive and flexible. These are two things that many business owners would want their site to possess since it could be very helpful for clients.

One other word that might describe it is entertaining. But you need to be careful since there is a thin line between entertaining and too entertaining that people would no longer take your company seriously. Fortunately, expert web designers know the perfect balance to keep people entertained and make sure it still looks professional.

You will immediately know which ones are the responsive types particularly when you see the actual page. There will be several animations and the font would also be in connection to your business and the animations present. The web designers need to make sure that the animated features do not go overboard or it would really be confusing.

The main purpose of this is to catch the attention of people. Many have gotten used to platonic types of pages. A refreshing one would surely earn the praise of many. Because some already have knowledge on how sites are built, it would be easy to say that it was something created with hard work and countless hours of planning.

One thing that makes it really flexible is you could easily navigate it in any type of screen. Screen sizes and resolutions could be different for each device. But you need to make sure that you could still offer optimum services to your clients. The good thing about the design is you no longer have to resize and manually do it when you transfer devices.

Since it has different screens, the websites should be created with the consideration that changes in screens would also mean various changes in codes. Because of this, others make use of responsive designs. It helps in reaching out with clients with various gadgets.

Aside from the other benefits, this is also the type of website that is easily recognized by the search engines. If you want your business to have presence in the internet, you should always do SEO. This way, you will have no problems when services related to you are searched.

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What You Can Get From NLP Practitioner Training

By Mattie Knight

Training is not an indication that you are not good enough on what you do for a living. This is simply a phase that everyone in your field has to go through for you to effectively separate your professional life from your personal experiences. Your dedication with it shall lead to the stability of your career.

Team work is something which you must learn to value. NLP practitioner training Beverly Hills could be your eye opener to the fact that sometimes, you have to deal with people who have different opinion from yours. However, an effective dialogue is what can set you back in the right course again.

You shall have sharper senses. Interpreting the actions of a person starts with the tiniest details such as facial expressions. If you will not be attentive enough, you can miss their yawn which means that your current method is not working. Another trick is to stay observant while giving them the opposite impression. They shall lose their guard if you will be act more lenient.

True empathy can really get your clients to open up. See the entire situation in the eyes of these people. Let go of some of the things which you have learned in med school. This is already the part where in your human instincts must take over. Talk to them in the way that you will talk to a friend.

You shall learn to use your freedom of speech to your advantage. There is a pattern to making others warm up to you with just the use of your words. Start with addressing them with their first name and asking them whether you can continue to do so. That can give them the impression that you can be trusted.

Read the personality of your patients and make adjustments to the therapy based on that. If they seem to be the silent type, do not engage them in a conversation just yet. Talk about yourself and your insecurities. This can make you look more intimidating and show your good intentions during the first meeting.

Match the maturity level of your clients. Ask them questions which comprise a standard psychology test. If they are an adult, it is okay for you to give the test for what it is. Divulge the nature of the written test for them to answer truthfully. Any patient younger than a young adult will require you to administer an oral exam.

Be trained and show objectivity when you are already conducting your practice in Beverly Hills, CA. Stick with the personality of these people and not with their wardrobe. Impress these individuals with your professional actions and get good reviews.

You have to learn to control your own emotions too. Do not let your stressors show in your face. Master the art of leaving your problems at home. Direct your energy in reading the medical history of your customers. If there has been previous diagnosis, form your treatment plan from those notes. Be gentler and friendlier with the patient for him or her to be more receptive.

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Tips In Choosing Trusted Excel Consulting Service

By Mattie Knight

For a company to be successful, one has to ensure that all areas of the venture is carefully monitored and examined. This is an efficient means of getting a clearer picture on the status of the business in relation to the competition in the industry. Regardless of the size of a business, hiring someone who can be in charge of the operations will be efficient.

Among the most vital factors that should not be missed by anyone is their ventures financial management. Money is after all, one thing that keeps the whole thing going. But with the ample of factors involved in managing ones finances, it can be extremely tiring on the part of those in charge to actually keep tab of everything. Excel consulting San Francisco is an excellent solution to handling all of these stuff better.

When you start looking within your city, you should be able to find some of the most recommended names around. Some have more experience compared to the rest. And it is your duty to assess which among them is worthy of the price that you will be paying. When starting your search, looking into the following factors would help.

Go for those that already have enough experience in providing the job. What sets apart a good service from a better one is usually the amount of experience that they have in dealing with different companies. The more experience they have, the better they become at understanding the needs of various customers.

Skills of consultants. Do not forget to consider the experts who are working for a company as well. The performance of a company is relevant to how well their workers perform. Plus, those who are really good at their job are likely to be the best sources of answers as well for the common issues you have about using the excel platform.

Ask about the specific things that they can do for you. This has something to do with the contents of the package that they can give. Of course, the consultation would play a big role on it. But other than that what else. Will they also be willing to handle like a workshop session with the concerned staff to help them get more acquainted with the usage of excel. This can mean additional expense. But generally, its worth it.

Know the pricing details ahead of time. The best way to go about this is by canvassing from different sources. This way, you will have an easier means of finding out whether or not the choice you have is overpricing. Better get the standard cost offered by most of those consulting companies around town. Do not hesitate to find the next best alternative if your first pick proves to be something that is way beyond your price range.

Seek for recommendations. This is not required. But it can help a lot if you are trying to look for an overview about certain companies. People who have worked with some before can tell you of their experience. From here, you can identify whether or not they are worth your time.

In this digital age, there is no reason why you should refuse the usage of those modern tools that are expected to make your work faster. Excel can do a lot for computation convenience. Invest on learning its mechanism by hiring trained men who can orient and teach your staff on how to utilize the tool well.

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What Do You Need To Know About Financial Planning

By Mattie Knight

Future is very unpredictable. Anything can happen with just a blink of an eye. You need to be ready no matter what circumstances or obstacle that will come your way. When this happen, prepare an alternative plan on how to survive a crisis. If this involves money, make sure to have a financial plan ready for you and your family.

There are many things that needs to plan out and one of it is the financial aspect. Financial planning Cumming can be done by yourself or by a professional. This serves as the gateway in achieving convenient way ahead. Some people are too busy to notice this aspect in their lives. They miss out the importance of having it and knowing its impact.

With the finances, you can find numerous of ways on how to secure it but not all are very effective to a certain person. You have to be confident with yourself and know your weakness. Tracking your financial flow over a month to a year would also be very helpful in analyzing your moves when it comes to your finances.

One factor to see it the budget. Everyone makes a budget for a specific time and goal. If you are business minded person, you have a separate budget in investing for a business. People who are very family oriented usually sets a side good budget for the whole family. You may have different budget preference but everything boils down in achieving the right goal.

Setting a specific goal can help you get inspired with your financial status. Make sure that your goal is achievable and are very possible. You may try having an easy goal as a start and eventually make it a little harder as you pass the simpler ones. This is a good practice for you. Dont let other people know about our goal and only share it when you have already achieved it.

A lot of people think that investment is a very easy thing to do but, what they dont know is that, its very tricky. There are many elements that needs to be checked. If youre not confident with this, then be sure to have a professional on your side. They wont only show you the right path to take, but they will also guide you in venturing to it.

Retirement is the most important kind of planning. Since everyone will certainly be getting old, it would also be better if everyone will be preparing for it. When this, youll have no worries on how will you be living your life in the future since everything has been ready for you. All you need to do is to relax and enjoy your stay here on Earth.

If organizing your fiances becomes a burden to you, then you can hire a professional financial planner. They will help you figure out the best options for all your assets and bring you to your goals. These professionals are well trained so you have nothing to worry. Have time to listen to their advices and know that they are very of great help.

Time runs so fast that youll not notice how much time you wasted on doing nothing. Plan your future ahead of time and be amazed on how it can change your life. This is something that everyone should do.

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Merits Of Laminate Flooring San Antonio

By Mattie Knight

Many people invest a lot on their interiors, especially the floor to ensure the finishing suits them. They are therefore tasked with the obligation of picking their preferred materials to make use of from the many available ones. The recent times have seen many people make use of laminate flooring San Antonio. This is attributed to the many advantages it is associated with.

Laminate is cheap as compared to other types such as use of hardwood and carpets. It is also cheap because it does not need other materials such as mats to complement its use once it has been installed in place. A notable factor that has also seen it become cheap is the many factories in existence involved in its manufacture. This has seen a significant reduction in the prices for all the industries to stay relevant to the available market.

Many have preferred making use of it in the past due to its durability. Laminate flooring can be used for decades without the need of replacement. This is because its resistant to wear and tear as well as scratches. It is also not affected by direct sunlight. This is unlike other materials such as marble, which end up fading after a long exposure to direct sunlight.

Another of its advantage is the fact that it can easily be installed in the place of use. The laminate pieces are made in a way that they can easily be fitted to each other. This means that the flooring does not need a lot of skilled labor to install. It can also be installed without any special sub floor being put up since it does not require any nailing or gluing.

Laminate flooring is also very versatile. This is the main reason as to why it can be found nearly everywhere in San Antonio, TX. Laminate flooring is very ideal for dining rooms, bedrooms, staircases among other many places. The fact that its availed in different designs and shapes has seen users making use of it in their buildings without any fear.

Many people have difficulties when it comes to maintaining their floors. Laminate flooring has greatly taken care of this. It is made in a way that helps trap dust making it easy to wipe it off. Cleaning can effectively be carried out using an ordinary rug eliminating the need to use complicated methods such as vacuum cleaning.

It is recommended to those with allergies due to a number of reasons. One is the fact that it does not absorb moisture. This ensures that at no time will the environment where its used at will be dumb due to accumulation of moist air. The ability of trapping dust also ensures that the environment is dust free at all time.

The fact that its readily available has seen many opting for its use. This has been made possible by the many companies involved in its manufacture. Users can therefore easily purchase the required materials from the manufacturer or any other outlets dealing with construction materials with ease.

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Turn Into An Excel Programmer In These 7 Steps

By Mattie Knight

Technologies would not be visible without the brilliant minds of the people behind it. In education, medical and scientific field, agriculture and industrial work, inventions have made to relieve the existing problems that exist within these areas. Scientist and innovators are willing to work day and night just to provide the things that the society needed.

Computer applications have dominated most of our lives. An excel programmer San Francisco, for an instance is a technology driven person who can possibly improve and develop superb applications. Calculations and mathematical formulas can be easily computed and solved without the need of manual computation. It seems amazing how a programmer can do such thing. If you want to be one, try to incorporate the following matters in your mind.

Plan everything from start to finish. Never try to indulge in a work directly without realizing the things that you must do. Start by creating a list of the things that are needed in your system. Gain some idea by asking some people or by doing researches. These could be common solutions but it will provide functional ideas and practical solutions to a system.

Learn the fundamentals of programming. If you are a newbie in programming and codes, its advisable to be educated first. Nowadays, there are various kinds of computer languages and each one of it requires time and effort. Focus on a single language and start watching video tutorials or search some helpful ideas. For fast learning, enroll in a class.

Organize your work by conceptualizing it. Smaller and organize pieces of work can easily be done rather than bulky jobs. After you plan and learn programming, the next big thing you have to do is to differentiate and determine things which should be accomplished first. A systematize process is a better option to sort things in the right manner.

Depend on some source codes to help you along the way. Plenty source codes are publish in some internet sites. To help enrich and cultivate the knowledge you currently have, be familiar with a source code. It mostly consists of helpful solutions and answers to the questions that are lingering in your mind. But you must choose the right reference to prevent mistakes.

Debugging is necessary on a program. Are you familiar with the aforementioned term. Its possible that you have not heard debugging before. Its a kind of process wherein you have to test your program for possible errors whether it is logical, syntax or runtime. A program cannot be perfected in just one try. Most of the time, you need to test it to see existing problems and then resolve those problems.

File and compile everything. This is the last and one of the most important step you must carefully done. Review your work and make sure that there are no mistakes and errors. Test your program multiple times if it is the only way to perfect its functionality.

Being a programmer is a fun job for many people even it involves sacrifices. But by the time that you finish your work, you will surely be filled with great joy. A successful and functional job will certainly bring happiness to you.

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Long Island Advertising Agencies & 3 Pointers For Changing Logos

By Arthur Williams

It wasn't until recently that Google changed its logo, allowing it to take up more of a chalk-like aesthetic. To say that this change grabbed the attention of the general public would be an understatement, especially those who frequently use this search engine. Logos are to be altered in certain ways, as I am sure that any Long Island advertising agency can attest to. If you would like to know how this can be done, please consider the following tips.

When adjusting your logo for the future, make sure that the same general mood remains. One of the reasons why Coca-Cola remains iconic, even after all this time, is due to how constant the brand message was. Yes, the logo might have changed but its overall message did not. Even though this is just one of the many factors that a Long Island advertising agency can attest to, it speaks volumes about just how worthwhile a logo can actually be.

Simplicity is another talking point that can be covered by a number of reputable firms, fishbat included. Simply put, when simplicity is at the forefront, everything from text to image choices become influenced for the better. The general Internet user has certain expectations when it comes to websites. In other words, they want to be greeted by pages with as much effective simplicity as possible. No Long Island advertising agency will be able to say differently on the matter.

Finally, make sure that you observe responses consumers have, in regards to your redesigns. Even though many people will find it difficult to adjust to such changes, this is usually a short-term process that doesn't have much bearing on the eventual success of a brand. However, if you feel like reception has become too negative, it'd be wise to go back to the drawing board. Suffice it to say, staying abreast of public reception is vital.

As you can see, there is much that goes into the shifting of website logos. Google made a change that had people talking, and it's possible that you can do the same. All you have to do is adhere to the points mentioned earlier, and exercise care when doing so. It might take some time to find the perfect successor, but that's what effort is all about in this sense. If you're dedicated and spend time putting in the work, the best results will shine through.

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Whistleblowers Against Fraud: What Are Chip-Enabled Credit Cards?

By Bob Oliver

Perhaps you have just received a new credit card with a unique image on the front. What you must know is that this is an indicator of your card being chip-enabled. Whistleblowers Against Fraud, as well as other companies, can tell you that this was built in for the purpose of greater security measures. However, there's much more to be learned beyond that. For those who are curious to know what this device is truly all about, consider the following details.

For those who do not know, chip-enabled credit cards boast greater levels of security. Essentially, you will be able to make purchases with these cards, using the chip in question, without your information being stored onto store computers. What this means is that, in theory, you can make purchases with greater peace of mind. In order to compensate for this shift, many retailers have taken it upon themselves to install systems, designed to work with these cards as well.

If you haven't yet received a new card with this chip inside, understand that this is still a relatively new implementation. Many areas of the world are still making this particular shift, meaning that your peers might not have this feature, either. According to companies like Whistleblowers Against Fraud, it's in your best interest to exercise patience. When this is done, you will be sent a card with this interesting new feature in place.

Even though you'll have a chip-enabled credit card at your side, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't exercise care. Keep in mind that unfamiliar charges can be made, meaning that you should address concerns like this as early as possible. Ideally, you should contact your bank as soon as you see these charges, so that they can help you through this process. Such a strategy is crucial, and Whistleblowers Against Fraud will not say differently.

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of what your chip-enabled credit card has to offer. To say that this device is worthwhile would be an understatement, not only for security reasons but for the purpose of purchasing numerous products as well. Understand that some retailers are more trustworthy than others. As a result, you should be selective about who you do business with. Suffice it to say, you'll be better off as a result.

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The Price Of Ambition

By Evan Sanders

Ambition is priceless.

Ambition has been around for as long as humans have been able to dream and it has lead to the creation of the worlds greatest feats as well as its greatest downfalls. The price of ambition can be incredibly high and it tends to breed greed in those who have it. However, it's time for a new type of person.

It's time we paired ambition with character.

We are in huge need of individuals who are willing to take a stand for the world and leave it better off when they are gone. These individuals cannot be interested in their own personal success more than the success of the collective. While it is fine for them to strive, they must strive to uplift everyone else.

We need people in this world who are not willing to falter on their beliefs no matter what hits them. We need people who are willing to take a stand against all temptations, and even though they will fail from time to time, rise with integrity and own their mistakes.

We are in desperate need of people who are willing to take an uncompromising path towards devoting their life towards and idea. When they devote their lives to something bigger than themselves, they give everyone else permission to dream as well and be something greater than what they thought they could be.

We need people who are willing to make the sacrifices it takes to heal our deteriorating world instead of contribute to its falling apart.

Too many times we have seen people take from this world instead of give to it. Too many times have we seen our world fall into the hands of those who want to conquer it instead of heal it. Isn't it about time for a new version of hero?

"But where will these people come from?"

These people will come from the nooks and crannies of the world, the shadows, and rise into the light showing us the way we must travel.

You could be one of them.

Everyone needs you.

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