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Top Self Evaluation Tools Of All Time

By Melissa Roberts

One of the most difficult tasks for an employee is to evaluate his or her performance. The fear is always rating the performance higher than your bosses would approve or too low that it affects your upward movement. Self evaluation is therefore a thin line between being too modest and being boastful about your credentials.

To be effective in evaluating your contribution without crossing the boundary, you must find your own voice. It is from this point that you will notify your boss that you have taken the time and effort to think about your skills and how they are reflected in your delivery. Begin by giving a clear reflection of your mandate at the company and how well you have fulfilled your objectives. This information must be backed up by data that can be substantiated.

Remind your bosses or seniors of personal growth through the ranks or responsibilities and how it has been reflected at personal level. Include personal and organizational triumphs that are related to your position as a leader in the company. Include the differences that have been experienced within the company resulting from your leadership. Seniors and bosses are sometimes not aware of so many things that happen below them.

Evaluating performance should be in light of your duties and responsibilities. This calls for review and consideration of company policies, goals and mission. Consider the contribution you have made to enable the team to realize the said goals. Remember to take full responsibility for mistakes you committed or those that have emanated from your judgment and leadership.

Consider the process of evaluating your performance as a chance to exercise full honesty. It is an opportunity to think about your role and contribution to the company, team or group. It helps you to identify strengths and weaknesses that either make you a better employee or stop you from delivering full potential in the role assigned. It also is a chance to face the facts about your performance over the period under review.

Pride is a crucial part of any personal evaluation exercise. It is impossible to conceal real achievements within an organization. Be open and brutally honest about the gains you have made. Highlight any projects or occasions where your expertise and contribution were crucial and the results achieved. With such details, you will demonstrate the value your stay within the company has brought. These achievements must relate to management goals set for the organization.

Be concise with your evaluation. There is a temptation to give a blow by blow account of your contribution and triumphs. However, use the platform to remind your bosses as opposed to rubbing it on them. Make the presentation brief and catchy without appearing boastful. Acknowledge support given by seniors and juniors towards all accomplishments you have had in the organization.

Professionalism is crucial if personal evaluation is to be effective. This calls for avoidance of personal attacks or issues that do not relate directly to your work. Co-workers and seniors should not be criticized regardless of the temptation. Weaknesses need to be compensated skillfully. Where the weaknesses are glaring, it is advisable to ask for help.

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