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The Painful Memories Of My Father Getting High On Drugs

By Kyle West

Many young men and women in the United States are getting high on drugs these days. A lot of the time, these young men and women were taught how to take drugs from their parents. The illegal use of heroin is a drug that is sweeping the nation right now. Many young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 seem to be affected the most. If you live in New York City, New Hampshire, Florida and New Jersey, then you need a good education on how to stay away from these types of drugs. Heroin use has shown to be at an all-time high in these states. It is important to understand why you are addicted to drugs in the first place.

Many people often ask themselves if they can be drug free. It is a questions that has a lot of addicts talking these days. The main reason is because most people in today's world don't know how to get sober. Heroin is a highly addictive drug that keeps on causing the body to want more. If a person gets high on heroin and falls asleep, they can actually have a lethal overdose. Heroin has claimed the lives of many celebrities. Cocaine has also destroyed the lives of many bank executives and wealthy people. Cocaine is an expensive street drugs that is often purchased by people that have lots of money coming in. A cocaine habit may cost you well over $60,000 per year. A small dosage of heroin often costs $10.00. The effect often lasts for around 30 minutes and then the addict needs another hit. This becomes an expensive drug over time. If someone is addicted to heroin badly, the addiction may cost them around $200.00 a day.

It is important for addicts to find their own path when it comes to sobriety. The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (Bill Wilson) found his sober path. It was a path that he did not fully understand or even come to know right away. He found that his faith is what kept him sober. He tried going into hospital treatment programs that never worked for him. Doctors even told him that if didn't stop drinking, he was going to die. He found a personal relationship with his Lord and savior Jesus Christ. After that happened, he started to live a sober life.

There is no instant cure for addiction. Many addicts spend years trying to help their fathers out with addiction. However, they themselves often become addicted in the process. Many drug treatment centers are finding that faith is what keeps a person sober. People that have a love for their "God" actually stay sober for life. Many faith based programs actually help to keep a person sober. Many people often ask themselves which program works best. Now a days, you have a choice. Many faith based programs that are 12 step actually work well. Others prefer a holistic approach because they have already tried a 12 step program and it failed for them.

Finding help for a parent on drugs is just a phone call away. Drug and alcohol treatment centers have 24 hour phone lines set up for addicts that need help. Most rehabs do interventions or know someone that does. It is important to get into a program right away. You should be happy to know that most people that work on addiction phone lines have had a problem with addiction themselves. They understand how difficult it is to be sober and what it may take to get there.

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