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The Frying Pan Of Happiness

By Evan Sanders


Can you hear something cooking on that pan?

Step out onto the street and ask 100 different people what their main purpose in life is and they will probably give you an answer relating to the idea of happiness.

But if you dove further into that question, things would start to get more opaque. What really is happiness? How do you get it? How do you live a happy life?

Not many people really know. A lot of people have come up with systems and books on the subject, but when it really comes down to it everyones experience is completely different. All we know is that like any other emotion in the book, when it's there it's there.

We don't try to do anything with it or try to be more cheerful, we just are that way. But oh when we are angry, suffering, or in a hard part of our life, we try to do all kinds of things to get ourselves out of it. We try to kick the feeling, manipulate it, and exit out of it as quickly as we can.

There's significant danger in this type of behavior because if you create a false ladder of ascension, you will always come across life's wondrous way of ripping the rug out from beneath you at the most inconvenient time. When that happens, you will try to take a step back on the ladder rung below only to find that it isn't there.

When you fall off a ladder, you land really hard.

Bam. Flat on your back.

So how can you avoid this becoming a reality?

It's time to bring in the "frying pan analogy." Essentially, the frying pan of life is those hard and dark moments in your life that scare you a little. The goal here: get close to them. Get close enough to those moments that you can experience the thoughts, emotions, and feelings surrounding them but stay far enough away so you don't get completely overwhelmed by them and take yourself out of the game.

More importantly, you will heal.

Chaos and a little craziness...those are good things. You want that energy flowing through you, and if you can harness it and create art with it, whatever that art may be, the possibilities are endless.

It's not only the light that can create amazing things, but the darkness as well. You can bring out the darker colors of your life onto the canvas and mix them with the bright light. When you have access to both, you can begin to paint a picture that no one has ever seen before. You can create something beautiful.

I would venture to say it's possible.

So maybe we should not be searching for happiness in the first place. Maybe we should be on a journey to discover as much about ourselves as possible and come to the darker places with understanding and serious compassion.

So how about you try it out? It could change your entire life.

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