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Imagine A London Recording Studio To Create Your Music Fantasy

By Sonia MacOle

It is an understatement to say that London has been the breeding ground of many, many talented musicians. The music world would not be the same without iconic figures like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, just to name a few. Perhaps the wealth of extremely talented artists has created an environment where every one wants to at least play at the music game. Would be and up and coming musicians can find a recording studio and even become a music producer. Now everyone can play.

The cost of studio time starts around fifty pounds for one hour. For Americans, this amount equals approximately seventy six United States dollars, subject to changes in the exchange rate. The hourly rate decreases with the number of hours booked. The studios like customers to book longer sessions and have a finished product.

There was a time when a girl with a guitar would sit down and record a song. That is not the way it works anymore. Today music is produced with expensive equipment and people who know how to use it. The singer and the songwriter need technology to produce music. Luckily you do not need a contract with a record company to produce music. You just need to book a few hours in a studio and everything you need will be at your fingertips.

The recorded music undergoes varying amounts of mixing. An experienced mixer knows how to produce a clean mix to prevent the instruments being played from having a muddled sound. If there are four different instruments, with a good mixer a listener can distinguish the individual sounds. Mixing prevents what is called the muddying of the sounds, which means the sounds have been melded together and it is difficult to pick out one single instrument. With advances in technology and computers, online mixing can be done with the appropriate software.

After the tracks have been mixed, the mastering takes place. To put it simply, mastering is the art of putting on the finishing touches and making the sound ready for reproduction. This post production process is called mastering because the final cut is cleaned up to the nth degree and then transferred to a master server. All the reproductions of the music will be taken off this master, so it has to be the absolute best it can be.

There are many amateur musicians who want to produce a recording. Amateurs can be quite talented. They just have not managed to make a living from their work. Nor do they have the expensive equipment or the trained staff to produce their music. The studio will provide all the equipment and services needed to produce their unique sounds.

Then there are other people who just want to experiment and have fun. There are accountants and lawyers and stay at home moms, with dreams of putting down some tracks. The studios in London are so popular for a reason. People just want to express themselves and have a great time doing it.

People who love music love it for the art. Maybe they will become rich and famous, or maybe not. Either scenario will not affect their feelings about the music of their choice. These studios are a boon to these artists. They do not need a record company to produce their work. For a few hundred pounds they can do it themselves. I:0:J

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