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Does An Intuitive Healer Have A Role To Play In Modern Day Medicine?

By Marci Nielsen

Intuitive healing is a form of therapy that has been with us for centuries. It is a technique that employs all our five senses in detecting illnesses and treating them. This is based on the assumption that well-being is linked to the flow of a special form of energy inside our bodies. An imbalance in this energy results in illness. We will examine the role that an intuitive healer plays in the practice of medicine today.

In this therapy, it is believed that the body has seven energy sites known as chakras. Each of the sites is thought to control a certain body system. Each of the chakras is associated with a set of emotions which in turn influence the manner in which the body systems function. Negative emotions are associated with disease processes and positive emotions are an indication of good health. The aim is to reinforce the positive emotions and to suppress the negative emotions.

The main components of intuitive healing are visualization and focused thinking. Once energy has been redirected to the right path, balance is achieved and the body is restored to its normal state. The two important skills required for this are remote viewing and meditation. Remote viewing helps the client to focus on events or people in their past, present or future with the aim of evoking certain positive emotions.

Meditation is an important component of the treatment. One is required to spend some quiet time alone regularly if the treatment is to be successful. These practice is said to enhance intuition. From a physiological point of view, it helps lower the blood pressure, to reduce stress and to reverse the effects of heart disease all of which have a positive effect on disease processes.

Dreams are another way our bodies communicate to us. It is a window through which we view our lives and get answers on the many questions that we may have regarding different aspects of our lives such as health, careers and relationships. It is important that one keeps tracks of all their dreams by recording them in a journal so as to establish a certain pattern.

The healer can sense energy patterns within the chakras using the sixth sense. Although each of us has this skill, the healers have perfected it over time and can use it to detect emotions that underlie disease symptoms. Using this knowledge, they can recommended the most appropriate form of emotional adjustment.

It is said that this treatment is effective regardless of the distance that is involved. The client and the healer have the ability to connect telepathically. The client needs to listen to the still small voice within their conscience which enables the healer to sense the level of energy within their body. This small voice usually tells us what is wrong with the body.

There is need to be aware of the body so as to notice the symptoms of disease at the earliest stage. At the same time, the client needs to have the ability to sense their body energy. This will make it possible for them to be aware of reduced energy levels in various chakras. It is important to point out that intuitive healing is not an alternative to conventional treatment modalities. The therapy should only be used as a complement to your regular treatments.

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