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Many Types Of Soul Conversations

By Marci Nielsen

Every person living upon the planet enjoys talking to one another and this is really great. There are so many people who like having soul conversations with one another on every level. This type of gossip comes in many forms since religious people believe that they are discussing the spirit within their body. People of color feel that it is referring to rhythm and blues music or the latest things happening on black television.

Christian human beings will gather together to discuss the wickedness which currently exists within the states and other places. At times they will blame Satan for all of their problems and are not willing to take the responsibilities for their own actions. Unfortunately they will also threaten their children with this evil spirit when they are naughty. Nowadays it is not unusual for adults to send their children to Bible School.

One woman living in Georgia made it a rule to always send her daughters to a religious camp each and every summer when they were out of school. While attending this location the girls learned how to do different arts and crafts which had a very religious meaning. They took hikes and tours to places which had a Christian following and this was good for all the participants involved.

It was quite common for all participants to talk about life after death and the current events which were happening on Earth. Even though they could feel the Lord in their body it was still impossible for them to hold a real conversation with him. Within the next few years the leaders of this religious group are hoping to involve grown people in all of these unique meetings.

A group of older women who live in Florida will usually meet every week in order to discuss their fears about passing away. They try to prepare each other for death since the grim reaper is always lurking around every corner. Many of the ladies who belong to this group had already lost their husbands and this was very sad. They had agreed to meet with one another throughout the entire year.

At the end of the week when church has ended an intelligent pastor took the time to organize his own group which would talk about issues. Their main focus would be on the human spirit and how to make a change in someone's life. Fortunately these males also reached out to troubled teens who were destructive.

On the other hand many black people in certain communities will have these discussions while they are watching television shows like "Good Times" or "Roc." The audience members will critique the style and fashion of the actors who are appearing onscreen. At other times black people will listen to music and have conversations about the things that are happening around the black community.

The United States has recently had many of these conversations coming up sine there is such a racial divide within that country. Black women are being brutally beaten by law enforcement officers while black males are shot to death when they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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