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Some Ways To Get 100 Percent Project Funding From Investors

By Brenda Warner

There would be a few times when someone who knows how to think of something that may actually astound the world with his sort of creation. Now the problem here is that although there are many great ideas that never get materialized or documented because there are simply no funds to push through with it. Now if one has an idea that he would want materialized and would need 100 percent project funding, then he would need to convince investors to invest.

Now if one would want his little endeavor funded, then he would need an investor who is willing to put money in. It can be a single investor or a group of investors depending on how big this endeavor is going to be. So with that mindset, one must remember that he is dealing with big people here and needs to know how to please them.

Now the first step into convincing them would be to come up with a presentation that will show them how the idea works. First of all, he has to choose the medium in which he would want to present his ideas. These days, there could be a choice of video presentation, slideshow presentation, powerpoint presentation, or a combination.

Of course when one would create the presentation, first he has to show the end result of the venture just to get the investors curious. After a good first impression was made, then he may go on to the details about the procedure. The thing to do here is to first go for the big picture and then slowly break it down to the details.

The next thing to think about would be the budget of the venture. Now this is the part that the investors will really look at because they will be putting their money into this little idea. One has to create a budget that shows where each red cent will go to and how the money will be used for what specific purpose. One should be prepared for some negotiations from the investors.

When doing this presentation, one has to remember that he is dealing with businessmen which means that he has to offer something to them in return. Now during the end of the presentation, one must offer these men and women something that will sweeten the deal. If the venture would generate revenue, then by all means a share or an earning opportunity has to be given to them as well.

Of course if the venture would not generate any profit and is more of the social type of venture, then maybe some publicity would help. For this kind of thing, one would be needing some tie ups with the media so that they may showcase him and his idea. Of course the investors can be regarded as the sponsors of the project.

So basically, those are some techniques to get the attention of investors for project funding. Now do remember that the proposal will be under a lot of fire since it involves a huge sum of money. But believe in the proposal and present the idea well and things will go smoothly.

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