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Kinds Of The Intellectual Disabilities

By Brenda Warner

Not all people are born normal. Some babies are born with certain complications and illnesses. This, however, is true and alarming to many people out there. And the fact that it really exist until the present times makes us more worried. But if you were in the position of those who have disabilities, you would deeply feel sorry and sad.

Individuals who have certain complications leads a life full of struggles and sorrows. Adults with intellectual disabilities have problems in dealing with many things. It will be hard to mingle with other people and some might often making fun of them. The different types of disability will be tackled and discussed on the next matters.

Reading comprehension would be harder. Aside from the incapability of a person, there is also a chance that someone might find it hard to understand words. Lower comprehension and vocabulary could be possible. Its a saddening truth that some people still do not notice such kind of complication. The letters of the alphabet might even be complicated for them too.

Math problem. The matters that talks about math consists of numbers. For an individual with intellectual problem, talking to them is not really easy. Whenever you try to ask them about the time in a clock they will respond differently than what you expected. Their situation is really complicated and tiring so all you need to know is to be patient to them.

Handwriting impairment. Writing is important. This could lead to a good communication between two people. However, if someone has a disability, he is most likely end up not understanding things. In terms of writing physically, a messy result might happen. Even grasping information through the minds could also cause a very serious threat to a person.

Motor skills. Have you noticed people seems to act childish for their normal age. There are also cases in which hands and eyes coordination are not normal too. Hence, it would be really hard for them to move according to their will. Seeing individuals with such kind of condition would make you feel pity towards them. Never try to make fun out of them because its not really a good thing to do.

Language. This type of disability is often associated with the lack of the ability to write and speak words. It would not be easy to talk to someone with such kind of impairment. When you try to ask him about questions, he might not be able to talk with precision and accuracy. Basically, you cannot even understand a single word of what he is trying to imply.

Audio and visual disability. A kind of impairment that can affect the hearing and seeing sensation. It can go from mild to severe. And it really have a great impact on someones learning. These two problems can seriously affect a person.

Whenever you are face with someone who have such problem, its better to understand their situation. You are not in the position to say demeaning things to them. Just be patient and prevent yourself to mock or make fun of their disabilities.

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