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Joining The Presbyterian Churches In Walking With God

By Nancy Adams

Shiny car, elegant house and high educational degree. Most people nowadays measure their means of success through materialistic things. Truly, money plays a very important rule when it comes to acquiring your needs. However, there is no way it can give you real happiness.

The only way to find comfort and relieve is through following God. The world as it is, surely there is no easy path you could go. It will always give you trouble, frustration, and even extreme sadness. Those feelings of weakness are real to everyone. You should not be surprised about it. That is how gold has been refined. If you want to ask guidance, you can always visit NJ Presbyterian churches for counseling advice.

Situated in Westfield NJ, they are the congregation of protestant willing to extend a hand for those people willing to accept God and His Son. People thought that joining a religion is just about putting donations in the basket. Honestly, your penny will never secure your salvation.

No matter how much you collect treasures here on Earth, you can never bring it when you died. That is why you must file up treasures in Heaven instead. The only path through it is by following Christ. That is no easy path, though. It will be full of trials, sacrifices, and troubles. Contrary to what most people believe.

That only means that walking through Him is not easy. It is a thorny path, it is full of sacrifices, it requires convictions. The best thing though in believing on Him is your ability to make impossible things possible. Therefore, all you need to do is to move forward. He will always be there on your back to guide your way. You do not need to be an incredible person just to make all this thing happen.

Be strong and courageous. That what the Lord leaves everyone after dying on the cross. You may refuse to believe right now but you cannot deny that you will always go back to Him no matter good or terrible person you are. He designed you. He knew perfectly you can carry your job for Him.

Change. When you cultivate a deep trust in Him, you will get an insight of what is important. You will grow as a wise man that can be able to differentiate right from wrong. Being good is addictive. It gives you a kind of pleasure that helps you achieve true happiness. Happiness with no guilt unlike from the things that resulted from sins.

Those people surround you will also notice this development. They will be envy how you can handle stress. You will be more open and understanding. There is no need to mask your true self anymore. God created you unique and beautiful. Nothing can change that but your own negative perspective. That is why, knowing that the God of all Creation is on your side, nothing can possibly go wrong.

Remember that this life that you have right now is only temporary. Do not boast about it. No matter how much you secure treasures and material things, you cannot bring it out in the grave. Worrying for your foods and needs will not even add up a single second of your life. It is a thing borrowed that can be taken from you anytime. That is why, while you still have the chance, consider your priorities. It is not too late to change nor asks for His help. He is always willing to love those people who accepted Him.

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