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Foursquare Churches And Its Effort Towards Fellowship

By Dorothy Taylor

After the crucifixion of Christ, His disciple spread across the globe to preach His teaching. You can even still feel that influence until today. However, due to its growing congregations and branches, many Christian Fellowships argue among themselves who teaches the false doctrine and wrong practices of the Lord. That act is just a precautionary measure to make sure that no individuals with private interest had infiltrated the ministry.

However, there also plenty of time that it becomes absurd and turns out to be an internal war among religious communities. Have the Foursquare churches in Las Vegas as your example. Many people claim that these institutions are drifting away from the true fellowship of Christ. They criticized them by simple basis.

If you think that way, you are likely a hypocrite. The path to God is a thorny one. It requires sacrifices. It needs hardship just like how God save the human sins. Just like how his disciples died from preaching. Therefore, you cannot just claim that you are in love and in bond with Christ without doing any effort. Without showing it on your action.

If you are a true Christian, it does not matter if your church is founded by a woman or you go to the mass without wearing skirts as other congregation does. What is important is your relationship to Him while avoiding yourself from sinning. Many religious leaders had their own way on showing their love to the Lord which they see fitting. To follow the right leadership, read the bible.

The great thing about Him is that He is always merciful. Due to His love, He answered your needs and forgives your sin. Now, your response in return is needed. Every day, He gives you a chance. Yet every day, you fall short with temptation. It is how human nature. That is why you will be needing His help.

If you do not want to be a victim of scam religious sector, you may try to read the Bible. Those words are encrypted with all His mightiness and love for His people. It was simplified under the simplest form of words that you can easily understand. As long as you followed the real teaching He instructed you in the Bible, there is no way that you will stumble.

This place is just a test you need to pass. If you are confused in choosing the right fellowship you want to join, always takes the time to read the Bible. The book is the compilation of letters made out of the love of God. It was written in the most simplified form that everyone can understand it. Once you read it, surely, you will never lose sight of the right path to Him.

The passport to Heaven is quite rough. That is why it does not only requires lip service. It needs your action and determination. The place will be the resting place of the Lord. The new earth in which you will discover the endless happiness with Him. That is why it cannot be tainted with individuals under the influence of evil.

On top of that, in the new Earth, He will be rebuilding His city. He will make it bigger and much more beautiful than before. Hence, if your selfishness and pride will stay in your heart, there are great possibilities that history of hardship will occur again in the promised paradise. That is why you need to pass this ordeal and concur the darkness of yourself before your time is up.

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