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Alternative Earthcare: The Tick Prevention Do's And Don'ts

By David Kellan

Ticks are rather common during the summer, which is something that Alternative Earthcare and others can draw attention to. These pests are known to leave sizable bites, but it's not like they have to leave the aforementioned marks. As a matter of fact, you might be interested to know that you can actually avoid them with the proper protection methods. Here are a few of the essential do's & don'ts to help you along.

DO understand the common habitats of ticks. When it comes to the habitats of ticks, there are quite a few to make note of. According to companies the likes of Alternative Earthcare, pests of this nature live in high grass, brush, and other areas that can be considered, "wooded." Lawn maintenance is especially useful for this reason. However, there is even more information that Hampton tick control experts can offer.

DON'T overlook the impact of repellent. Without question, repellent is one of the quickest ways to keep ticks at bay. You should know that this solution can be used to protect both your skin and clothing alike. This is especially important when you think about how these pests can attach themselves to different fabrics. Provided you read the details on the products at stores, you won't have to worry about your repellent failing on you.

DO check your pets. As you might already know, pets are among the most common hosts of ticks. What this means is that you should check on your pets once they're back inside of the house. They might exhibit behavior associated with tick infestation, such as excessive scratching or biting. By making note of such actions, you will be able to administer the level of care that your animal friends need.

DON'T hesitate to take a shower. If you're still concerned about ticks on your body, seeing as how they're almost impossible to see, take a shower as soon as you're back inside. Keep in mind that ticks might still be crawling on you, which is why a thorough shower can prove useful. You can wash off these pests rather quickly, thereby eliminating the risk of bites occurring. By following this simple strategy, unsightly bites won't occur.

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