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How A Bay Area Educational Psychologist Can Give A Troubled Child A New Lease On Life

By Gary Morris

In less enlightened times children that displayed unruly behaviour, that had difficulty learning and reading, that struggled to concentrate on a task and that exhibited socially unacceptable behaviour were deemed as plain stupid, wilfully naughty and often even as abnormal. Nowadays psychological and medical experts know that their is a variety of recognizable conditions that can cause these symptoms and behavioural patterns. A Bay Area educational psychologist can help such children to manage their conditions and to lead normal lives.

Parents and teachers should know what signs to look for. However, there is a danger that any change in behavioural patterns may lead to a belief that a child suffers from a condition such as ADD, for example. This is not always the case. Behavioural changes are sometimes caused by other factors. It is nevertheless always a good idea to ask an expert in child psychology to perform an assessment when the behaviour of a child changes.

Some of the signs that may indicate that a child is suffering from a psychological condition include an inability to concentrate, a poor learning ability, a tendency to chatter without pause, sudden mood swings, sleeping disorders and a tendency to stay without food only to binge on snacks later. When a child displays these symptoms, it is definitely worth it to schedule a formal assessment by a qualified psychological expert.

Experts in child psychology will insist on an exhaustive evaluation before they will attempt to make a diagnosis. The child will be required to undergo both objective and subjective tests and in most cases it will also be necessary to interview the parents and other care givers. A medical examination is also deemed very important because it is possible that the symptoms displayed are related to a medical condition rather than a psychological disorder.

Many parents think that if their child is diagnosed with a condition such as ADD, for example, the matter can be managed almost instantly by the prescription of medication such as Ritalin. This is certainly not true. Medication can help, but a long term holistic treatment plan is necessary. Some patients do not react well to medication and even when they do, the medication can never be a permanent solution.

Diet, exercise and good sleep are all very important components of a comprehensive treatment program. Just thirty minutes of exercise, preferably out of doors, have proven to be extremely beneficial. Exercise trigger the release of feel good chemical in the brain. A diet that contains enough omega fatty acids and protein is also deemed vital. Parents must ensure that their children get enough sleep.

Regular counselling sessions are also important. During these sessions young patients learn techniques that help them to cope with their conditions and to channel their energy in a positive manner. Many patients also practice disciplines such as yoga and meditation. This helps them to improve their concentration and to focus on a single issue at a time.

Great strides have been made in the treatment and management of psychological conditions that previously rendered patients unable to lead normal lives. There is no shame in suffering from such a condition. Sufferers did not do anything wrong. With professional help, the condition can be managed and there is no reason for such a child to be excluded from a full and happy life.

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