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The Legitimacy Behind True Lover Tests

By John Schmidt

People are designed to enter into relationships with each other throughout their life. Of all the emotions, they are bound to feel, love is one of the strongest. It is felt towards family members, friends, relatives and people of opposite sex. Having a crush on another person is such a strong feeling that takes over your thoughts and actions. If you are lucky, this crush might end up being your better half. The need to find the perfect partner has necessitated the designing of true lover tests.

Recent years have seen a lot of debating on whether there really is such as a thing as true love. Some proponents propose that it is just a fallacy that has been construed to give people hope of a better life. Others who support it claim that everybody has a soul mate that they are supposed to meet and marry. They claim that the heart will tell if it has found the right match. They further claim that divorces only prove the validity of their claim.

Many romantic soap operas, movies and novels have filled individuals with notions of great love that can move mountains. Such works of fiction are portraying the fallacy of undying feelings that can survive anything. Unfortunately, many people especially women are highly susceptible to such notions and end up daydreaming and wishing they could get similar experiences.

Perhaps the biggest issue surrounding true love is money and economic prosperity. The age-old notion that money does not buy happiness comes to mind. Yet, recent developments have seen many women leaning more on the economic aspect of spouses than anything else. The poor man is depicted as being rich in emotions and feelings but lacks the ability to provide for spouses. A rich man is seen as confident. Many women who marry into rich families are considered to have married for money.

Because of these issues, many people want reassurance that the person they are with cares for them truly for who they are and not what they can offer. Many design a checklist filled with the things they like in a partner. May times this ends up adding pressure to the relationship, which is unhealthy. Studies show that almost half of these relationships fail. It is good to note that nobody is perfect.

There is a lot of promiscuity and unfaithfulness in the world today. Many people are coming up with ingenious personal tests, which can help to shed light to what character you are dating. This can help a great deal in eliminating players and characters that do not fit what one is looking for.

There are a number of tests designed to diagnose and find problems occurring in marriages and relationships. Couples often need help to solve their problems and get help. Such diagnostic tests can assess issues such as trust, security, sexual compatibility and conflict resolution. They can help to point partners to the right direction and avoid future blowouts.

A number of tests exist which claim to assist individuals find compatible partners. Some might be marketing pitches that are designed to get money from people. It is easy to create software that can match make individuals based on information gotten from them. However, other legitimate sites can be quite helpful.

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