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Science Fiction Music Is Entertaining

By Brenda Burns

There are many people around the globe who like to listen to tunes which will shock and disturb them on every possible level. Some science fiction music that is heard in Tucson AZ is known to give individuals goosebumps and other traumatic problems whenever they hear it. "Battlestar Galactica" "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" "Aliens" and "ET" were made during the 70's and 80's and they are still popular among adventure fans in today's society.

Back in the late 70's millions of fans purchased a ticket to see the original "Star Wars" movie which focused on a young man with a special talent. He was a galactic knight who was chosen to save an entire world. Before this film was put together the producers hired a male named John Williams to create the perfect musical score.

Another great movie was named "ET" and it dealt with a small alien who was stuck on the planet Earth for a short period of time. The youngster who was featured in this film lived a very sad and lonely existence since none of the other children liked him. The composer John Williams felt that sentimental tunes would work best for this project and he was correct to make this certain assumption.

Steven Speilberg made sure to always hire Mr. Williams for any of his future projects since he was great at his job. George Lucas fully agreed with this notion and he also made it a point to use John's service. John took his time to put together a great "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" theme which was phenomenal. After this he went on to score other film projects with very popular themes.

Composer Richard Gibbs joined Bear McCreary to create an unusual sound for the "Battlestar Galactica" series which was on television for one season in 1978. This television event returned in 2004 with new actors who took over the roles of characters from the past.

Life was indeed hard for the characters who were involved within the film "Logan's Run." As a general rule individuals could not make it past three decades on Earth. Once they turned thirty years old each of them had to report before the execution squad. This film had many strange sounds which were created by Jerry Goldsmith.

"Aliens" was a follow up to the 1979 thriller named "Alien." This very terrifying project came from the mind of Ridley Scott and it made millions of dollars at the movie theaters. James Horner did the musical numbers for this very important film and he was very creative with this project. The aliens had their own tunes whenever they were featured upon the movie screens.

Every person living within the United States has seen the movie "Jurassic Park" and it was a big hit over twenty years ago. The dinosaurs were awesome animals who caused terror for each individual who lived at a certain location. The very talented John Williams performed all of the tunes for this marvelous creation.

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