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Private Phone Readings Are Great

By Debra McDonald

The telephone is a great invention which has helped many individuals in a variety of ways. This device will help people do all of their private phone readings in one afternoon. Whenever a person gets involved in this drama they will spend out a huge amount of cash for every minute of service. Sometimes these meetings can be a total waste of time.

At times it seems as if many of the readers are out to make a quick buck by telling people silly information that is not real. One famous woman named Ms. Cleo was sure to manipulate all of the customers who dared to call her psychic hotline whenever they felt sad or depressed. Sad females around the area took the time to contact this dangerous woman.

Unfortunately Tracy had never truly found the love of her life and this was very disappointing to her in every possible way. She had looked around for months before meeting a gigolo who always had sex on his mind throughout the entire day. He seduced her and many other women around the neighborhood because they were very foolish. He also had many small children out of wedlock.

His sexual urges were very strong and he needed to be with each and every beautiful woman who crossed his path. Some of them were not that attractive but this did not stop him from taking them to bed. A crazy girl learned a quick and painful lesson when she became involved with this man. He gave her a baby but did not place a wedding ring upon her finger.

She had lost all of her self respect after becoming involved with this particular male and the ordeal had soured her future relationships. Her mystic reader advised this girl to leave town immediately and to never return. This was some advise that she could not ignore.

The sexual male continued to find other desperate women who needed his love and affection. This was not a difficult task since there are about one hundred women for each single man within this part of South Carolina. Tracy was informed by Ms. Cleo to ignore this particular man who enjoyed treating women like dirt. She was also told to join the military in order to fulfill all of her sexual fantasies about men.

The new information made Tracy very happy and she could easily fit in with all of the handsome strong males who were part of the military. Even the Army recruiter was good looking and she knew that he would be a great leader for her and everyone else within the company. Hopefully her life would be completely different once she was doing adventurous things with her Army pals.

When all was said and done Tracy placed the blame on Ms. Cleo and anyone connected with the telephone psychic industry. Unfortunately she also spent a year going in and out of mental facilities and could never really hold a good job anymore. Her faith in humanity was broken and she threatened to sue the popular Ms. Cleo.

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