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Important Elements Of Intimacy Therapy Bethesda Couples May Find Beneficial

By Raymond Green

Sex therapy is an important component of couples counseling. As a matter of fact a good number of couples seek professional help when their intimacy relationship is on the rocks or when they just want to ignite a spark in their rather ordinary relationship. In other words, visiting an expert does not always mean that you are failing. We will explore some of the important aspects of intimacy therapy Bethesda couples need to know even as they plan on having the service.

There are many different types of sexual disorders that may require the input of a therapist. The commonly encountered types include premature ejaculation, performance anxiety, low libido and inability to achieve satisfaction (for one or both partners). The therapist attempts to make individualized solutions based on specific circumstances relating to the couple. It should be emphasized, however, that the ultimate solution lies with the couple.

Intimacy therapy is a short term intervention for which between 5 and 15 sessions are required. During the first session, the therapist gets to know the couple. They interview them to understand their thoughts and perceptions on sexual relationships. It is important to investigate and rule out any medical conditions that may be interfering with sexual performance. For this reason, many therapists will send you to a medical doctor to have these disorders ruled out.

It has been shown through research that many of the couples that have problems with intimacy are inadequately educated on sexuality. Affected individuals often know very little about the sexual needs of their partners. To fill this knowledge gap, the therapist will usually dedicate a session or two to educate the affected couples so that they know what to expect from their partners. Books and other teaching aids are often used in the process.

An important requirement for this therapy to work is that intimacy problems should be regarded as a problem affecting the couple, not one partner. With such an approach, the two will find it easier to work together and tackle the challenges that exist. This has been observed to be true for cases such as performance anxiety where the confidence of one partner is greatly determined by the expectations of their partner.

Effective communication is vital to the success of the therapy. As a matter of fact, couples who do not communicate effectively are likely to have degree of dysfunction in their intimacy. For sexual relationships, a significant part of communication is non-verbal. Couples are taught how to read the body language of their partners in a bid to improve on their communication.

There are a number of situations for which the main therapeutic measure is to have a modification in the lifestyle of one or both partners. Stress is one of the causes of sexual under-performance and should be avoided whenever possible. Odd and long working hours appear to feature prominently among those affected. The solution to this is making adjustments on working schedules.

Sexual dysfunction is a sensitive problem that couples face. The problems may affect only one partner or both. What is important is to regard the problem as affecting the couple as a unit rather than one partner. Signing up for intimacy therapy helps in identifying such problems and putting forward the solutions.

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