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Why Take Good Cuban Domain Names

By Nancy Gardner

If you are a regular visitor of the world wide web, then you will be able to notice some things when you research. One of those might be the differences of the IP addresses. Speaking of this, you will see domain names in the websites that you view. This is basically an identification mark which classifies the authority and control within the internet.

If you are establishing an online business, it is very important that you give it a professional reputation. And even if you are just using the site as an advertising platform for your trade, it still needs to be seen as reliable. So to answer to this, you need to make good domain names. Now if you are from Cuba, then use a Cuban domain names.

This basically identifies your business or where you belong. Just like for example, if you are a government agency, then you will have the IP address . Gov. And when you are an educational institution, then you will use . Edu. In a commercial business sector, then you will use . Com. There are many more like . Org, . Mil, . Net, etc.

While this would also identify your country. Just like . Ca for the country of Canada, . Th for the country of Thailand, and for Cuba, that would be . Cu. This is the top level domain code for the country. So when you have your website registered, then it would have . Cu as the last syllable of the address. So it would go something like these, ., ., ., ., ., and .

So when combined with the second level domain names, it would go as ., ., ., ., ., ., ., and many more. This is a top level domain name for the country. So if you wish to register, then go to Nic.CU. The registration has a minimum of one year as well as the subscription period. That also goes with the renewal increment.

It is important that you get a good and strong one and this is when it is unique. Search engines prefer sites which are unique rather than those which are common. Thus, by being unique, you are also making a good advertisement of your website. This way, you will surely be helped to rise on top of your business and succeed.

And so this time, it is already given that many can avail it especially businesses. If you dont have this yet, then many would think that your business is not capable, or that you are cutting cost to save money. This will make people have a bad impression of you. So if you want to have a positive reputation, get one and to be more sure, get a good one.

While for the renewal period as well as renewal increment, you also have one year. Here is the domain naming system. The domain that follows before the country code is the realm. This identifies what kind of business you have. So that would be . Com for the commercial realm, . Edu for educational institutions, . Org for organizations, . Mil for the military, and so on and so forth.

So get on top of your business by building your image in the web. Having a good reputation through your domain gives you a very reputable look. If you wish to get a mark on the cyberspace, then register now and gain the advantages after.

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