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How To Weave The Results Of True Love Tests Into Your Future Plans

By Nancy Gardner

There is no doubt about it. Taking true love tests that are offered online or in magazines is a lot of fun. The process makes you think about your significant other and especially whether the two of you would be a good match to stay together for the long haul.

There are many reasons to try to find a life partner. Putting an end to loneliness is an obvious one. Also, studies show that people who live together in committed relationships tend to be healthier than those who live alone.

Given this fact, you would be well advised to realize that a quiz on compatibility may produce results that are superficial compared to what you need to know to figure out if your current partnership situation will stand the test of time. Sure, it helps to see whether you both enjoy the cinema and fine dining. But these factors alone cannot guarantee you will have longer-term success as a couple.

Sexual desire plays a role in this. It is a good sign if your heart flutters when you see your lover for the first time each day. Wanting to touch and be close as often as possible is a solid indicator of your long-term prospects, but only if this does not also include a strong tendency to be possessive. Most experts will advise you to stay clear of someone who seems to want to own or control you, as this can be seen as being abusive.

One misconception is that happy couples agree on everything and never have arguments. This is simply not true. Long-term relationships can actually thrive on healthy disagreement, as long as both partners express their views respectfully without getting bogged down in emotion. It also helps to commit to listening with attentiveness to the other person's opinions before coming to a final decision on the issue at hand.

Romance has a better chance to thrive when the people involved have similar standards and beliefs. This applies to such values as truthfulness, fidelity and religious views. Fortunately, you do not need to have identical backgrounds in order to reach a consensus in these areas.

It's just as important to make sure you agree on practical issues, such as whether to have children and how to treat your finances. It is shocking to discover how many people get married without having discussions on these topics. Then, when they discover they have opposing views on whether to spend or save, or how large their family should be, they rush off to a counselor to try to keep the relationship from breaking apart.

These problems can be avoided by establishing strong and open communication between partners from the very beginning. You have to be brave in order to accomplish this. You can start by getting together and giving truthful answers to quizzes for lovers, but ultimately, you will have to go far beyond this and reveal the true essence of who you are and what you want out of life.

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