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Procedures And Benefits Of Implementing Leadership Strategist And Coach

By Jose Davis

Management, as everyone knows, is all about planning, organizing and controlling the scarce resources available to achieve certain goals. The resources are not just the material assets or money, the biggest challenge these days is managing an organization's human resource effectively. The job switching rates over the past few years has increased dramatically, and this has compelled HR professionals to think about leadership development and succession planning. Leadership strategist and coach are particularly important in the current dynamic business.

What is the difference between a manager and a leader? Managers focus on workflow, performance evaluations, measured results, problem-solving, meeting planning, decision making, training, hiring, dismissing, efficiencies, reporting, resource procurement, organization, and similar issues. Leaders are about motivation, inspiration, coaching, and resource sharing. They are principled, visionary, information gatherers, forecasters, communicators, and strategists.

The biggest challenge organizations face when they decide to implement succession planning is the lack of resources and expertise within the company. Organizations that are in the introductory phase should go for hiring consultants and coaches from outside. External assistance in this regard will have professionals and qualified individuals plus the resources of the organization that will not be wasted on experimentation and training HR managers.

What are the roles of an effective leader? Given the situation, good leaders perform a variety of roles. They can be tradesman, managers, designers, visionaries, and coaches. When a team is led well, the tradesman and manager roles are played by team members. In fact, good leadership is the ability to leave the technical work and the management of it exclusively to the team and develop skills that allow everyone to grow.

Endless benefits are associated with the implementation of career coaching and succession planning. For instance, the practice enhances continuous Development. By introducing the succession plan to employees and career guidance by external coaches, employees become more focused in their efforts and if they lack something they discuss it freely with their coaches. This makes them more confident, and they can become expert managers of their field.

Focus on results and think bigger. Rather than analyzing mistakes from the past, coaching focuses on what you want to achieve in the future, and on practical, step-by-step ways to get there. A strategist helps you develop the ideal vision of your business - one that makes you so excited, you become willing to do what it takes to make the vision a reality.

Coaches and strategist also enhance a sharp decline in recruitment costs. It is costly when you hire someone from the outside for an executive post. By retaining and promoting someone from inside the organization, you save a lot of costs in the selection, recruitment, and training of a new individual. Most of the time workers from outside at executive posts ask for compensation greater than that of your current employee's package.

What can a leader do to be in the action, but also "get the big picture"? Involve others in solving a problem rather than doing it yourself and explore a problem rather than solve a daily crisis. In addition, you must supply needed resources that serve the team, and remain aware of the impact of your actions on the atmosphere of the group.

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