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Animal Communicator Job Description And Lifestyle

By Dorothy Brown

When it comes to animals, there are many different duties involved whether a pet owner or professional. When it comes to being a professional Animal Communicator, one must be able to understand the different behaviors, moods and actions of a number of different species. As such, while a very interesting position, it is not for everyone.

While this is the case, not all have the ability to communicate vocally. The most common animals with which humans communicate on a regular basis are apes, birds, cats, dogs, lions and tigers which are also the most vocal. Generally, other animals communicate by the ability to run, hide or scatter. Depending on environment, an animal might react in different ways with regards to a human counterpart.

In all cases, communication between humans and animals defines a desire for a response. Whether a dog wanting to be fed, or cat wanting to be petted, these animals are very good at communicating such needs. Whereas, others are more difficult such as the many animals living in zoos around the world.

At the same time, it can often take a great deal of time and patience when training a pet. While, most other animals are kept or are living in some aspect of a natural habitat. As such, it is often the animals teaching the humans new and interesting things in these cases. Still, there is a need for someone whom can understand when these animals are in pain or in need attention.

Birds often communicate within the same species. In fact, most often the bird calls are an attempt to attract others for mating or other social activity. However, there are certain species of birds that communicate with humans on a regular basis such as cockatoos, parakeets, parrots, macaws and others.

When it comes to training birds to talk, that is a different story. For, repetition is often the key to success in teaching a parakeet or cock-a-too to speak. Whereas, research has now proved that parrots and possibly macaws can also carry on intellectual conversations.

While many research programs and projects may seem new with regards to human to animal communication, the concept actually found fame in the late 18th and early 19th century. However, rather than acknowledge this ability of communication between species, the animals were sensationalized and placed in circus acts or other forms of entertainment. As such, only recently has society began taking the prospect that animals and humans can indeed talk to one another more seriously.

One of the most interesting tools in use today can be found in Japan. For, a device is now being used to decipher various types of dog barks into specific phrases and sentences based on length and tone. Largely based on an Animal Emotion Analysis System created in the past, the Bow-Lingual device has already seen some level of success.

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