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The Basics Of Child Therapy Santa Rosa CA

By Carolyn Ross

More and more children seem to be suffering from depression and anxiety. This can include social anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and more severe forms of depression as well. It is important to take this serious as it can become worse and it is especially difficult for a youngster to cope with. Child therapy Santa Rosa CA can be more than helpful.

Sometimes this is temporary. However, a child will still need to talk to someone, otherwise they could grow up with memories and possible disorders which are difficult to cope with. This can relate to a divorce that parents are going through. It can be a death in the family. A parent may have a drinking problem which can affect children.

In some cases, parents and children will discuss their problems individually. Children may prefer to express themselves creatively. This can come in the form of drawing or painting. A play therapist will also be able to analyze what a child is going through. A child will express themselves through imaginary play, becoming sad or angry, for example.

Sometimes there is a breakdown in communication. Parents may be struggling in their marriage. Children notice the tension between them. This will bring on other feelings which are difficult to deal with. Role play can help them to deal with this in a more practical way. Sibling rivalry is also another factor that comes in the therapy room from time to time.

Therapists are typically caring, compassionate and kind. They are also understanding and this can be just the thing that the child needs in their life. A lot of children will be going through a situation where they think nobody understands them. When they start talking to someone like this, it can make all of the difference. Many kids just need someone to listen to them.

More kids these days are also anxious a lot of the time. They may be worrying about their homework. They may be worrying about their friends and how they are going to fit in. Bullying is often part of this and there are signs to look out in regards to this. When children seem nervous and prefer to isolate themselves, they can also benefit from therapy.

There are different types of therapy available. Some kids will be happy talking to a therapist. They may have felt neglected in the past. They will feel relieved that someone finally understands them. However, it is important that they are able to connect with this person, and this can sometimes take time. A lot of kids have trust issues, so this is something to keep in mind.

A lot of therapists in Santa Rosa CA will refer a child to a creative therapist. This is another way in which a child is able to expressive him or herself without actually talking. The creative therapist is able to analyze their projects by looking at the colors that they are using, the style of their work and the lines they use. This is something that play therapists make use of as one of their techniques as well.

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