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Sight Reading Music For Singers

By Jose Ward

Sight reading is a skill that goes beyond the knowledge of music. You do not require an instrument to help you interpret the piece. Using sight reading music for singers, you sharpen your reflexes and make it easier to read as you sing. It takes a lot of discipline and practice to master this skill. Here are tricks you can use.

Learning the basics is the first step. The ability to read by sight becomes an added advantage. This means learning to identify notes, clefs, key signatures, etc. You may learn through a teacher or download tutorials to assist you learn from any location. Begin with rudimentary steps and graduate with time. Use as many exercises as possible.

Know how to sing the other voices instead of concentrating on your own. Learn to sing in tenor, bass, alto and treble clefs. This all rounded understanding gives you the knowledge you require to handle any piece and know how to interact with other voices as you sing together. You also must learn how to handle different rhythms. This is a challenging element but it will define your ability to tackle different scores.

The quality of materials you use when learning is important and will determine the kind of results you obtain. Find a book with high quality and progressive layout. The layout should also be easy to read considering that you are beginning in your sight reading journey. Quality materials will motivate you to learn since you do not strain or get confused. The layout should be large enough that you can read from a comfortable distance.

Organize your learning sessions in bits. Target to practice for at least fifteen minutes every day. The results will be dramatic improvement in your skills. There are journals used to track progress where you can set targets and gauge how well you achieved them. The journal makes you accountable for your progress by recording it.

Gather the materials you need for your practice sessions. Your teacher will give you some of these materials. However, do not rely on what the teacher provides since it will always be limited. There sites that provide high quality sight reading materials. Download the scores and get the most variety possible. Practicing with high quality scores is very important because it will be reflected in your skills.

Focus on one aspect before moving to the next. For instance, first learn about the sofa notation before moving to note value. It is after learning one element that you combine them. Avoid shortcuts like writing the pitches of each note on the piece of paper as you sing. Instead of singing the note, you will be memorizing the pitch. You become a slave of writing and therefore are handicapped unless you write these pitches.

It helps to have a timer as you practice. This enables you to track the hours spent learning a particular aspect. Your learning speed will also improve in the process. There are more tips on improving your sight reading skills shared by experts. Use them and gradually go for the more challenging musical scores. Do not rush through a lesson because it will affect your depth of understanding.

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