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How 100 Percent Project Funding Is Great For Business

By Thomas Scott

Most businessmen are searching for investment funding to capitalize their projects or investment deals without the many requirements needed for established old style institutions. Venture capital is an older designation, but the kind of financing in question falls in this category. The latter is much sought after by businessmen today, because they are the fast things needed for fast moving markets.

Other than that, there are more things that will be lost, like time, interest, investor confidence, and the like. 100 percent project funding enables commercial projects that much more leverage on the intangibles in fast moving markets and more. The funding is in millions of dollars or even more, but the consideration is always for fast and efficient transactions minus the pain.

In the older system, pressure is brought to bear on creditors all the time, but today this practice is seen as unnecessary and even detrimental for business. More and better things can be done for the assuring payment, and these items are things in use for funding companies. Probably the most important is the way a credit relationship extends beyond to more solid relational features.

A lot of businessmen are cautious about capital lending, because some painful consequences can happen. No bank ever thought up this pain as a given, it comes in how, often, taking out the loan in question can result in pain. Like say, your bank is not allowed to pay out earlier than schedule or is delayed, and your project will hang if the delay or time period lengthens.

It happens often, and one more thing the traditional bank does will pay out in staggered amounts or will not provide the needed amount that will be truly effective for the project. And as the schedule lengthens, the less money available because of legal restrictions. The process is reversed when you deal with new project funding outfits.

This means that it works directly with how an ideal business project goes forward. Or any sort of project for that matter, which usually needs the right kind of funding to be successful. This new system evolved from private lending considerations, because there are also companies who need bigger capital loans or credit facilities than are available through the private lender.

Capitalization starts at the minimum of 5 or 10 and stops at a maximum of 50 or 100 million dollars, depending on which company you have approached for a capital loan. With this, a free no payment period is given as grace before the capitalized project actually achieves positive net profits and the resulting cash flow. These are best terms for any business in the world, something most will willingly work under.

Often, the investment credit entity here will have 50 percent of the funds available through private lending. Another 50 percent is available through private equity, which means transferable values that can be taken from securities and government backed dept papers. The ratios can go at least 10 percent either way, depending on need or preference.

There will be no collateral needed, although one requirement is that your business must be legal and has good potential for its specific market. Specs for the project are carefully studied, but this will take less time than is usual. No match up is needed for the capital venture loan given, not even a fraction that might be required by more traditional companies.

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