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With Help From A Couples Counselor In Bethesda Many Relationship Are Rescued

By Laura Cooper

Intimate relationships are complex and there are numerous reasons why one person choose to commit himself or herself to a specific partner. To choose a partner that is to become a lifelong companion is a very important decision that requires a great deal of circumspect. Nobody should ever rush into an intimate relationship. However, those already in a relationship that experiences problems should consider seeing a couples counselor in Bethesda before making rash decisions.

Many studies have shown that a large percentage of relationships that simply do not work out in the long term can be ascribed to the fact that one partner, usually the male, does not accept that the roles of people in society have changed. Women are no longer almost automatically housewives and responsible for cooking and cleaning. They want their own careers and some men find this ambition threatening.

Attitudes have changed and it is now much easier for partners to live together without marriage or a legal bond. Some therapists say this is one of the reasons why so many relationships simply do not last. People simply commit too early and in many cases it is easy to simply end a relationship unceremoniously. Counsellors advise that it is far better to first get to know a potential partner on all levels before making serious commitments.

It is one thing to leave a partner but it is quite another thing to end a relationship that has produced children. In such cases it is vital to put the futures and well being of the children at the top of the priority list. In order to make sensible and realistic decisions in this regard it is highly advisable that both partners see a counsellor, who will guide them through both the legal and emotional minefields.

There are many cases where people seek counselling simply because it is convenient for them to continue their relationship. This is especially true where the relationship has lasted a long time, where the partners jointly own property, investments and other assets and where no serious conflict exist. In many such cases both partners consult a counsellor simply to learn how to get along and how to avoid a serious rift from developing.

Some relationships deteriorate over time, often because one or both partners are becoming bored and domesticity has numbed the initial passion they had for each other. In most cases the deterioration can be ascribed to a lack of honest communication. In this way small issues easily become major problems. Counselling can help both partner to gain perspective and to examine their relationship in an objective manner.

Most therapists agree that it is definitely not always worthwhile to continue a relationship. Some relationships are dangerous with one of the partners subjected to violence, emotional abuse, fear and neglect. Anyone caught up in such a relationship should do whatever is necessary to escape. Statistics clearly show that murder, rape, physical assault and harassment cases all too often committed by one of the partners in a relationship.

A healthy relationship creates an environment where both partners feel safe, cherished and valued. When this is no longer the case, counselling is definitely indicated. A professional therapist can help couple to rediscover the magic they once experienced in the company of each other.

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