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Know How To Conquer Depression

By Nancy Bennett

Depression can leave you feeling as if there is nowhere to escape to. It is a disorder which can become severe, but you can also learn how to conquer depression so that it does not drag you down. This is very important otherwise you will find that there is no way out. People who are severely depressed can also become anxious, so one really needs to deal with this as soon as they feel there is a problem.

When people tell you that you have to have a plan or that you have to set goals every day, it can definitely be difficult because one often finds it difficult even getting out of bed. It may be hard to make breakfast in the morning. You have to be realistic about what you are able to achieve. If you push yourself too much, you will find that you are going to be disappointed.

Therapists often recommend that patients who are suffering from depression will benefit from a good massage. Of course, this is not a cure, but they find that a lot of the stress is released. One starts to feel that they have more energy in their body. It can be hugely relaxing and it is a nice treat to go to a spa that is tranquil and peaceful.

For example, exercise can make a big difference. This will raise the serotonin levels. It may not be easy to get going at first. You will have to get into a routine. You will also have to do a little bit every day instead of pushing yourself. Many people make the mistake of pushing themselves. This can leave you feeling exhausted. Consistency is the key here.

You also need to develop a level of self compassion. One needs to learn to love themselves. Of course, this does not come over night. However, with practice you will definitely grow. You may need to work with someone else. There are groups that you can join and this is how self esteem and confidence begin to work.

There is a lot that you can be grateful for. Make a list of what you appreciate in your life. Write down a few things that you are happy about every day. You only have to list down a couple of things every day. You will start to become so much more positive about life. You will appreciate those around you and the environment in which you live in, which is so important.

There are physical aspects that are very important. Obviously it is important to eat the right things and to stay away from drugs and alcohol. One should also get enough exercise. However, when you don't sleep enough you are going to be even more exhausted.

Make sure that you are eating a diet that consists of vitamins and nutrients. Eliminate fats and oils as well as sugar that can lead to discomfort. Often people with depression will eat chocolate and foods that are high in sugar and fat as a form of comfort. By being more healthy, you will start to feel the effects. Make sure that you drink plenty of water as well.

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