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The Importance Of Positive Vibes And Wishes To Humanity

By Andrew Harris

Every day, people go through trying situations that can either break or make them stronger. These unfortunate incidences range from sickness, loss of loved ones, loss of job, failing in exams or even breakups from lovers. Anyone that can relate to such incidences feels frustrated as they tend to think that they may have failed somewhere. However, this does not mean that they need to give up. They can be encouraged to take matters positively using positive vibes and wishes from people who empathize with them.

There are various instances where someone could really use positive healing or encouragement. Hopefully, there are people that derive the pleasure in giving both written and spoken words to relive the tension that is being felt by the person. Most of them are known to be counsellors and are trained to listen to the affected person. They are also specialized in skills related to healing the soul. They can use quotes from the bible or role models to encourage the person.

Afflicted persons heal better when they are given the chance to mourn their losses. After that, they can seek counseling to get encouragements from people they consider to be their role models. Once they are done with that, they can look forward to moving on with life once they have accepted what destiny has in store for them. Even so, they should not expect to things to remain the same.

In an ideal situation, an individual may feel discouraged after making certain attempts to solve situations. For instance, a person that is looking for a job may lost their cool after failing in a number of interviews. This person needs to be encouraged to keep trying until something good comes their way.

In case a person does not get the chance to get an expert to help them through the situation, he/she can seek alternatives using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. He/she will realize that they are not the only ones who are affected. This platform will reach as many people as possible since the digital world keeps evolving.

Scenarios such as murder attempts, rape ordeals and physical assault may cause psychological trauma on affected persons. Those who have survived these ordeals are often the best advisers since they have learned to accept their situations as they came. People will feel inclined to entrust them with their problems rather than counselors.

People tend to think that money solves everything. If that was the case, then rich people would live for long and lead happier lives than poor people. However, there are many reported cases of wealthy people checking into psychiatric wards and counselling sessions because they are facing emotional traumas.

No matter the situation that one is going through, they need to get encouragement. This also applies to people that are happy during certain occasions such as birthdays, weddings, job promotions and graduation. They need to be reassured that life has challenges but it takes a strong willed person to manage through the situations.

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