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Things To Know About Quantum Wave Laser Treatment

By Andrew Stone

Diseases claim very many lives from the society every day. This unfortunate trend is due to the shortage of medical knowledge and amenities in the community. The introduction of quantum wave laser treatment and other modern therapy systems has quite checked the situation, however. This Laser treatment uses a concentrated beam of light to pinpoint and eliminates the infected area in the human body. A special light of unique characteristics is used to effect the treatment.

The use of a focused beam of light enables the surgeon to view the affected area clearly and hence operate with utmost precision. Unlike other traditional procedures, the use of lasers has greatly minimized the amount of damage inflicted upon surrounding body tissue and organs. The person under medication also experiences little pain, swelling or scarring before and after the operation. Conditions such as tumors, precancerous growths and polyps that were quite troublesome in the past now can be treated with ease. The method can also be used to repair a detached retina, remove kidney stones and improve vision through surgery.

There are also possibilities that light therapy could be useful in the treatment of penile, vaginal, cervical and basal cell skin cancers while at their early stages of development. During the treatment of such complications, this therapy must be applied alongside other treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy or surgery. In other cases, the wave laser remedy could be applied cosmetically to lessen blemishes, wrinkles or scars, remove birthmarks, warts, sun spots and tattoos.

The procedure used during these operations varies depending on the condition being treated. For instance, during the treatment of a tumor, a flexible endoscope is required to direct the laser beam. This scope enables the surgeon to see materials inside the body. The thin, lighted gadget is inserted through the body opening such as the mouth. In contrast, cosmetic treatment is achieved by applying the laser beam directly to the affected skin.

There are also several different kinds of lasers at the disposal of the surgeon. The kind of ailment being treated and depth of incision necessary will determine the particular kind to use. Minor cuts do not require so much intensity and, therefore, the carbon dioxide beam is ideal. On the other hand, procedures that involve the utilization of photodynamic methods are accomplished using Argon lasers.

Quantum therapy has several potential benefits for the patient. To begin with, the level of precision that is exercised during this procedure minimizes damage to other surrounding tissue. The surgery process takes a lot less time when compared to the traditional systems. One does not have to spend several hours or nights at the hospital. The person also recovers very fast and experiences less pain, swelling or scarring.

However, like any other medical process, several risks are taken during this surgery. Among these risks are bleeding, infection, pain and activating the herpes simplex virus that causes genital herpes and cold sores. Other side effects include scarring or skin color alteration. The system is also quite expensive.

To eliminate all these risks, one has to ensure that his or her surgeon is qualified, well experienced and highly reputable. The hospital where the procedure will be carried out must be well equipped with all the necessary tools. Evaluate all possible alternatives carefully before making a decision.

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