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Spirituality Awakening And Its Signs

By Gary Burns

If you lie on a bed, you get to a point where you feel that you cannot lie anymore. At the point where you feel the need to awaken, there is an uneasiness that compels you not to continue lying on the bed. This physical awakening equates with spirituality awakening as this article elaborates.

There is a desire that stirs within you for rising above the level that you are presently in spiritual matters. You experience an uneasy feeling and the need to grow in spirit.

In physical rising, the light of the sun gets brighter, and it causes an activation of the nerves on your face causing you to rise. As the light becomes brighter, so the urge to rise becomes stronger. Spiritually, the spirit that oversees other spirits shines brightly in your life causing you to feel that it is already morning in your life, and you need to rise and do the work ahead of you.

Your spirit consciously plans work that you have to do. When you think about the work, you cannot continue sleeping spiritually. Service to people is the work that your Spirit constantly reminds you to do, and you have to step up the momentum of your spirit.

A looming danger can make you rise and attend to the screams and shouts. As confused as you may be, you cannot sleep anymore. On spiritual matters, someone is always shouting that there is a danger. Various books also do the same. The shouts that your soul is bound to get lost and that the earth is full of wickedness puts you on your feet spiritually.

The alarm in the spirit can come from a person who is praying about the sins and failures, and it is a shout to heaven. At this point, you wake up in your spirit in a confusion that is followed by enlightenment.

In a group of sleeping people, one person who wakes up makes the rest follow suit. The same happens spiritually where you hear or read about people who woke up ahead of you, and out of curiosity, you decide to wake up.

If you are hungry physically, it becomes impossible to continue sleeping. You feel like waking up to eat. The same happens spiritually where you feel that your spirit is hungry, and it needs food. Your physical eyes usually feel anxious to see the beauty that surrounds you when you go on a trip or vacation. Similarly, your spiritual eyes sometimes feel the urge to rise and see beautiful things unfolding within you.

The signs of waking up spiritually are experienced individually or collectively. In a nation, some people can feel dissatisfaction with the spiritual level of the citizens, and they can rise and pray. Similarly, a prophet can sound a warning to a nation, and a group of people can start to pray about it.

Do not be left out in the activation of spirit since it is already taking place.

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