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Get A Moonshine Recipe And Know What Is In Your Drink

By Betty Perry

Making something from scratch is not only a great way to let your creative spirit soar but you are very likely to have an end product that is much better than what is available on the supermarket shelves. With the right equipment and ingredients it is possible to create homemade versions of almost anything, including liquor. A proven moonshine recipe and a distilling pot will help you make a drink that will surely put a smile on your face.

Most people think of moonshine as something that is made by farmers in the Appalachian Mountains. It's a type of liquor that tends to be so strong that drinking it feels like pouring fire down your throat. However, similar versions are made all over the world and have different names. What they all have in common is that they're usually distilled at home and contain a lot of alcohol.

To make a moonshine-type liquor, you first need to have the mash from which the drink will be distilled. The Appalachian version is made with corn mash, which contains water, yeast, sugar and, as its name suggests, corn. The amount of sugar will determine the alcohol content while the corn provides the flavor. The yeast allows the fermentation process to start.

After three or four days, the mash has fermented enough. You can now filter the liquid and bottle it as a type of beer. To turn it into something strong enough to make your eyes water, however, you need to distill it. To do this, place the mash in a large distilling pot and heat it. The vapors will rise into a special part of the pot known as the condenser, where they will cool into a clear liquid with lots of kick.

You don't have to use corn to make your own liquor. Wheat and barley are good alternatives for a drink with a more Scottish flavor. In Asia, rice is a popular ingredient to use while in parts of Scandinavia and Ireland, potatoes are the starch of choice. Congolese distillers often opt for plantains or cassavas, both of which are staple foods in the DRC, and call the end product lotoko. In Russia, some distillers use beets.

Using fruit as your main ingredient can give a special flavor to your liquor. In much of Europe, you will find versions made from cherries, peaches, apricots or even nuts. Eastern Europeans often choose to use plums and in the countries of the Caribbean, homemade liquors distilled from sugar cane are very common.

Where wine is made, grapes are abundant. For this reason, wine-producing regions are often home to home-distilled liquors with a grape base. These can be of very high quality, such as the 'witblits', which means 'white lightning', made in South Africa and sometimes sold in liquor stores in that country.

Technically, you can't really call it 'moonshine' if it has been produced legally. Most countries have very strict regulations about producing alcohol at home. However, it is possible to get a distilling license to legally produce liquor in small batches, so check the local laws before you invest in that distilling pot.

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