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A Moonshine Still Can Have Many Different Uses

By Donna Bell

People who love to drink coffee and tea will often get excited trying new varieties of beans and leaves. They have their own coffee grinders and loose tea strainers. Individuals who enjoy the taste of wine and beer sometimes get intrigued about making their own alcoholic beverages, bottling and labeling them, and sharing them with adult family and friends. They might even go a step farther and want to try their hands at distilling whiskey in a moonshine still.

This liquor has a history that goes back before the era of Prohibition, although that is the time that probably thrust it into the mainstream of society. When alcohol was banned by federal law, bootleggers knew there was a lucrative business in illegal sales of outlawed liquor. Moonshine, also known as white lightning, hooch, shine, and by many other names, was easy to manufacture and bottle. It quickly found an eager public ready to break the law in order to buy it.

You can buy a still online very easily. They are offered new and used and come in a wide variety of sizes and prices. If you want to build one yourself, you can purchase kits and plans for a nominal fee. Even the most respectable websites, where people buy everything from video games to cars, have stills for sale. A person looking for stills for personal use can find high quality equipment for three to seven hundred dollars.

Not everyone interested in purchasing a still is interested in making liquor. When you see well made stills, they can be quite beautiful, and some have even been elevated to the level of art. You can find antique equipment to add to your home and delight your guests with your creativity.

If you actually decide to try your hand at making the beverage, you should be able to entertain your imbibing guests with some facts about the brew. First of all, it is not aged. That is one of the reasons it is so easy to make, and one of the reasons for its popularity. When it is ready for consumption, it is somewhere in the vicinity of one hundred fifty to one hundred seventy proof.

Guests might also be interested to hear how the stuff is associated with the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. In the old days, sheriffs and tax revenuers were on the lookout for illegal stills, and the moonshiners knew it. They outfitted their cars with revved up engines so they could outrun the authorities. Eventually somebody thought up the idea of racing the cars around a track, and stock car racing was born.

The biggest question about this activity concerns the legality of it. The fact is that, in most states, it not legal to produce moonshine for personal consumption. In certain states, the commercial production of this whiskey is permitted, but only after purchasing all applicable licenses. The government can raid the homes of private citizens suspected of illegal activity and confiscate all equipment it finds.

The stills are interesting objects whether you are making whiskey in them or using them for decoration. They have a fascinating history and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

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