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During Christian Counseling Minneapolis MN Believers Can Grow Closer To God

By Mark Graham

The enormous pressure and fast pace of modern life often cause people high levels of anxiety and stress. Some people feel that they simply cannot cope with all the demands made upon them. Eventually, some people will develop psychological disorders. In most cases, therapy can help such people to regain balance in their lives but unfortunately far too many people still think that any form of psychological therapy is a sure sign of weakness. With Christian counseling Minneapolis MN therapists try to help believers to find answers in their faith.

Traditional counselling are purely based upon scientific psychological theories, techniques and methods. There are many other therapists, however, that believe that the answer to all human problems can be found in mysticism, ancient rituals and even in the teachings of long ago civilizations. Christian counselling is firmly based on the teachings of the Bible, which Christianity accepts as the Word of God and the only source of truth.

Those that believe in the Trinity believe that God is almighty and that He is capable of anything. When believers experience doubt in themselves, depression or other psychological maladies it simply mean that they have strayed from the teachings of the Bible. Therapists therefore focus upon helping their patients to seek answers from the teachings of God, who is all knowing and who is the only one that can heal.

Faith based therapists do not shun the principles of modern psychological treatment approaches. Many are, in fact, qualified secular therapists with degrees in psychology. They simply use psychological techniques to help their patients find answers in the Bible. In cases where it is deemed necessary, they will even refer their patients to a psychiatrist who can prescribe appropriate medication and investigate the possibility of medical disorders causing the psychological symptoms.

Patients are advised to find a therapist that is experienced in treating patients with problems and disorders similar to their own. Some therapists specialize in fields such as trauma or relationship counselling, others deal mainly with patients experiencing a religious crisis and yet others focus mainly on spiritual growth. Regardless of the type of problems they experience, patients should expect counselling to continue for some time.

Faith based therapists are quite often faced with patients with unrealistic expectations. Such patients think that the counsellor has a direct line to God and that their problems will be solved instantly. Instead, the role of the counsellor is to lead the patient towards an understanding of his problems and feelings and towards the discovery of the solutions to those problems.

Counselling based on religious faith has many critics. Some of these critics are of the opinion that there is no place for religion in science, not even the science of psychology. Others argue that religion is nothing but a form of brain washing. They believe that these counsellors are misleading their patients when they propose that the answers to their problems can be found in the Bible.

The fact remains that the vast majority of Christians firmly believe that God is on control and that the answer to all questions can be found in the Scriptures. They do not deny the value of modern science. They believe that their religion and science each has its place and that one can complement the other.

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