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Why You Need Some Chaos In Your Life

By Evan Sanders

"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star." - Nietzsche

Take a second to go into the deepest darkest moment of your life. Now...can you see that little light up in the top right corner?

There it was, joy. But how could joy exist in this? How could there be the presence of joy in this horrible moment? I didn't really understand, in fact all those years I thought it was resilience that kept me afloat. Sure, there definitely was the presence of resilience and not giving up in hard times, but even more was this presence of joy that could illuminate even the darkest of times.

I remember going back to some of these horrible moments and feeling everything that was there at that time. The cold room. The darkness of the space. The feeling that I was sinking into a never-ending darkness that would consume me forever. There was no way I could have possibly felt any worse.

That light was always there, I just wasn't looking for it back then.

It will be hard for you to return to these places...those moments that you have buried deep within so no one could ever see them. But we all know they exist. We all know that one day they will eventually bubble up to the surface no matter how far we have tried to run from them. But that's no way to live life. That's not how you're supposed to have to go throughout this world.

The only difference between going to these places on your own and having them surprise you in life is the amount of light you bring to a situation. When you head straight into your deepest fears, you bring a bright light with you and illuminate situations that have hurt you in the past.

So we must dive into the depths.

Lantern in hand.

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