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Tips On Chimney Cleaning Windsor Locks CT

By James Peterson

Burning fire inside the chimney result in the accumulation of creosote and soot, which is a sticky and flammable substance that can cause fires if not eliminated on time. The good news is that the procedure of cleaning chimneys is not only simple, but also affordable. Carrying out chimney cleaning Windsor Locks CT program on a regular basis is a sure way of eliminating accumulation of harmful gases in the smokestack. The structure gets rid of carbon monoxide, which can cause fatal effects if allowed to accumulate inside the building.

Chimneys require to be cleaned once or twice a year. However, the frequency of cleaning should be determined by the frequency of using the fireplace. Using a plastic knife or pencil scrape off some creosote that might have accumulated on the inner part of the smokestack. In case the soot is 1/8 thicker, you should begin to plan for cleaning. The most appropriate time for carrying out the washing process is during the dry or warm season. Otherwise, you might end up causing fire if you light up the fireplace for the first time during the winter.

The process of washing becomes simple and faster when you are using tools of suitable length. Do not embark on the purchase process if you do not have the measurements of height, size, shape, and length of the stack. Begin by taking the measurements of sides of bottom part proceeding to the fireplace. A ladder will be needed during the process of measuring the top part. The stack height will determine the length of brush that you will acquire.

Purchase the washing supplies a day prior to the actual washing day. Use your measurement to acquire an appropriate wire or plastic brush. Alternatively, you can acquire extension pipes or rope pulley system to assist you in cleaning the entire length of smokestack. Buy a drop cloth, stiff wire bush, a tall ladder, a dustpan, and broom. Remember to put on protective clothing during the washing process. For instance, you can wear goggles to protect your eyes and face mask to prevent inhalation of dusts.

Upon acquiring all the washing supplies, you should embark on the process of preparing the building for cleaning. Ensure expensive electronics, furniture, and other important equipment in the house is covered with sheets. Remove the damper from the smokestack flue. Use the small wire brush to clean the damper.

Assess your roof and confirm if it can hold the weight of the ladder. Place the brushes and other supplies in the satchel and climb up the ladder. Place them at strategic position where you can easily access them to avoid climbing up and down. If your roof is slanted or weak, you should clean the smokestack from the bottom part.

Join the first pipe piece into the brush and then insert it into the stack. Move the brush up and down to scrub the flue. Incorporate another segment of pipe so that you can access the lower part of the stack. Repeat the up and down motion until the entire stack is clean.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional to carry out the cleaning procedure on your behalf. The cleaner must have a reputation of offering exceptional services. Visit his or her website and check the nature of comments and complaints posted by former clients.

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