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The New Way Of People Helping People

By Amanda Hamilton

There are many individuals within this world who will try their best to help other humans who are in dire need. Pat Smith was one human being who really believed in people helping people and this is why she took in a family who were homeless. For many years Pat had rented out houses to poor families that really had nowhere else to go.

Even though Pat lived in a very expensive house she did all of her own cooking and cleaning throughout the day and this was very unusual. She was the sort of person that anyone could talk to and it was no surprise when a poor woman named Linda Shelton found herself conversing with Pat.

The wealthy woman was not a selfish person and decided to take Linda and her wayward family into her care for a period of time. Linda could not refuse this offer and she wanted to give her offspring the best possible life that they could ever want or have. Pat also learnt that Linda was a welfare client.

The wealthier woman realized that she could get a great tax write off if she were to place this family within one of her empty houses. She would also offer them a very cheap rent rate that they could pay each and every month. The poor woman accepted the offer and within a matter of days she and her young ones were living a few miles from Pat and her delightful husband. At first things were going quite well and Pat knew that she had struck gold with these individuals.

Her husband was also happy to have someone living in the once empty house since he was afraid of vagrants breaking in and staying there. Some nights he would go down to the house and visit with the woman while his wife and the youngsters were all asleep in their beds. This wonderful low class woman always had plenty of alcohol to consume and she made sure that Charles Smith got enough to drink.

Charles had become very crafty at this dangerous game and going in and out of his house at night was never a problem. He knew that Linda would make him feel like a very respected man and she was willing to do anything that he desired. Pat was not that type of woman since she was brought up with education and very good manners.

This affair went on for some time until Pat discovered the woman's under garments under her very own bed. This outraged her and she was now determined to get rid of the poor woman and brats once and for all. Unfortunately her husband did not like this idea since he was having such a wonderful time with this unique female.

One bright morning Linda was surprised to find a police car parked outside of her new home. She had no idea about the current situation and told the officers to leave her home immediately. They then presented her with a warrant and stated that the poor lady had to leave the residence. She then refused and the two fine looking men took her away in handcuffs. Her poor children were placed within the foster care system and Pat decided to ignore all human beings in need from that point on.

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