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The Growth Of Non Denominational Church

By Jeffrey Stone

These churches are growing at the rampant rate that is now shocking most people. What is this so-called non denominational church? These are churches that are not answerable to any mother church. They were viewed as Protestant churches, but that comparison was somewhat not valid. These are churches that do not want to associate themselves with any denomination.

Many reasons led to this fallout as these churches made various steps that led to this search for independence. These reasons are both politically, religiously and even economically. Some of these reasons include.

The deviation of the attention of church leaders after the Second World War. The house of worship at this time became more interested in political recognition and having power. At this error, many organizations wanted to be identified as agents of peace through power. Some members of this house of worship were very keen to notice this and eventually opted to come up with their congregation which would have leaders who are more interested in spiritual matters.

Several years after the 2nd world war, the house of worship became too liberal. It accepted any person who was ready to be a member of this institution. This was not to be the case since traditionally there were groups of people who could not be allowed to be part of the congregation. Those believers who saw this as a violation of church norms decided to come up with their churches which will preserve their traditional understanding of this entity.

Marriages initially were between people of the same race and religion. By the end of the 19th century, interracial marriages had become very familiar. People with different religions were becoming couples. Most of these couples wanted to maintain equality in worship, and that is why they formed denominations that would appreciate each others faith.

Most of these churches get carried away by the doctrines of their churches and end up forgetting that the fundamental principles of any Christian should always be the Bible. The traditional believers who believed in the teachings of the Bible refused to be associated with any doctrine as it would make them divert from the Bible to the beliefs of denominations they serve.

The current members of non-denominational church point a finger at the ineffective organizations structure of these churches and its leaders. They even go ahead claiming that churches do not account for their finances.These two are due to the complicated structure of this denomination and tracing the one who is answerable becomes difficult as compared to non denominational churches.

These churches should accept their failures and work on them or else non-denominational churches will be the one and only dominated doctrine.

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