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The Benefits Of Prayer For Healing

By Lisa Stewart

Society looks around and always has something to say about everything but when it comes to religion no body, not even researchers can say or do anything due to the fact that everyone has different beliefs and different cultures. Although they all differ they all know that that religion and prayer for healing helps them have enriched healing and prayer in life.

When people are born all cultures have different ways of bringing up their children but all homes are taught that we all pray to one God and God loves us. We also are brought up by the teachings of our forefathers and their forefathers and as generation change and technology is increased we tend to take our focus off God and religion becomes just another thing and people start to back slide

Wisdom is a rare gift and choosing to have faith and keeping a monthly or weekly fast brings us close to God. As we pray we are enriching ourselves to have a perfect peaceful and humble life . We misunderstand the beauty God has for us in the spiritual realm and those that get close to God and understand that the worldly things are not everything we need because deep down there is so much other that material things we buy that make us happy there is so much more

Troubled thoughts and confusion are the negative things when it comes to having a religious life but praying to God decreases our problems and keeps us sane. Life is hard and stress and worry over takes out will power but true divinity of God can take is to another level. Spiritual night in God gives us strength and wisdom and helps us with trials and tribulations we face every day.

Just that one step in the right direction helps us to learn that with God all the answers we looking for a right there. We not only learn how to love and bond with each other but we learn that's God is our healer and provider and a someone we can turn to in time of need and also in negative times. He is always in our midst and is able to conquer evil on every level possible.

Distance is also not a problem because praying for someone that is half way across the world God hears us. Traditional medicines and objects that are prayed over have also had effect in many peoples lives.

That saying life is a roller coaster well we take it for granted because life is what we make of it and the path we choose to take is very important because a Godly life also keeps is away from the negative things of this world that can get us into a lot of trouble for example alcohol and drugs. And also give us the will power to be able to put our thinking caps on and say no to all the things that can bring us down in life.

Preaching and educating people is very important because although we all grow up with culture and religion sometimes we marry a person from another religion or different culture . If we decide to change religion its something new and its like being reborn but clearly we all want one thing to have an enriching healing in every area of our lives and a positive out look in everything we do.

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