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Promoting Training And Development In An Organization

By Peter Powell

The acquisition of knowledge and skills is a continuous process that begins when we are born and only ends (or so it is assumed) when we die. Training and development occurs in two main ways. The first occurs effortlessly as we attempt to deal with our day to day challenges. This is known as incidental learning. The second is as a result of a deliberate effort to become better and is thus referred to as intentional leaning.

Every organization (whether private or public) has the responsibility of ensuring that employees are trained regularly. Individual employees should also remember that they have a role to play in development and need to work in collaboration with their employers. They should challenge themselves to have individual goals on personal development that are in line with the goals of the firm.

The management should strive to provide the resources and the environment that makes this process possible. Such an environment should include a clear job description on which the training is to be based. The employees should be taught basic competencies needed in the present as well as in the future.

Learning opportunities should be identified in every-day activities. One should attempt to take on new challenges often. Job expanding is one of the ways of doing this. It involves the assignment of newer duties to an employee who has mastered a certain set of skills and requires greater challenge. The same benefit may be achieved through job rotation where employees get a chance to temporarily work in a different department of an organization.

You need to conduct regular self-assessments so as to determine whether or not any progress is taking place. The assessment is usually centered on skills, strengths values, experiences and weaknesses. There are numerous tools that can be used for this on the internet. They may be obtained freely or at a small fee. If you are not in a position to get them, then you can conduct the same exercise by comparing yourself to persons that have similar job descriptions.

Committees are typically made up of employees from different departments. This gives the members an opportunity to learn from each other and expound their knowledge of different aspects of their organization. In the end, the entire organization benefits since the individual employees gain more skills and knowledge and grow professionally. Every employee should be given an opportunity to be part of such committees whenever the chance arises.

Learning from a more experienced colleague is one of the most effective ways of getting knowledge and skills. This may be done through coaching or job shadowing. In job shadowing the learner follows the more experienced individual around and observes what they are doing but does not have to help with the work. A coach helps demonstrate skills and impart knowledge that is needed in discharging specific duties within the organization. They give feedback from time to time.

Another way of making progress in the work place is to go for further studies. One of the ways of achieving this is to enroll in a college or university where the training is done formally. Some of the institutions also provide their curricular online which makes the learning process very flexible. Informal training can also be done online by individuals that are considered to be experts in their industries.

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