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Guaranteed Development For The Rest Of Your Life

By Evan Sanders

Let go of knowing and allow your heart to dance with the great mystery of it all.

Could you give that a good go? Could you really try to let go for once?

Could you let go? Could you let go of your firm grasp of knowing what's going to happen next?

What would it be like if you let life become a big surprise and let go of knowing what will always happen? What would it be like if you didn't worry about knowing what to do all of the time?

Would you finally allow yourself to destress and let go of the anxiety that's always present when trying to live in a time you can't actually ever get to?

Wouldn't that be a thrill?

Wouldn't that be about as exciting as it gets?

So maybe, for once, you could dance with everything and stop being so restricted.

Maybe you could let go of trying to know everything and actually sit in the true cluelessness we all really function in.

The future is something that completely eludes us and we should leave it that way.

In the end, the goal of all of this is to be in as much of the present moment as possible and to prevent our naturally shallow minds from trying to project onto something we have no control over.

And right when we think we have it all locked down...

That's when life loves throwing a fantastic right hook at you.

So instead, let all of the things you don't know about life be everything that inspires you rather than scares you. Seek to constantly learn every single day and allow yourself to constantly improve upon your life. After all it is your greatest masterpiece.

If you truly understand this...

You will learn for the rest of your life. You will learn every single day and change constantly as a human being.

So let go of the "knowing."

Dance with the mystery.

About the Author:

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