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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Produces Results In Short Time

By Stephen Schmidt

Some types of therapy take months and even years. CBT is not one of them. It is a practical way to solve a problem with short term counseling. Goals are reached by changing patterns of incorrect beliefs held by the patient. What he believes is preventing him from achieving goals. This successful method, cognitive behavioral therapy, is offered in New Jersey as well as other places.

You can think of CBT as a type of psychotherapy. It quickly identifies a problem and plans a way to change it. The inaccurate beliefs held by some cannot be recognized on their own. With CBT, they will be able to.

One single factor that makes this short-term therapy successful is the immediate recognition of the problem. It sets a reasonable goal and achieves it in a predetermined number of sessions. If the patient holds the belief that he will never amount to anything, this inaccurate belief will be changed. By changing it, he will be free to become a success.

A mental health counselor will identify the problem. If it is apprehension about applying and interviewing for a job, the fears and inaccurate beliefs will be approached and dispelled. He will learn new beliefs. He will believe he is indeed capable of doing both and getting the job.

Usually during the first session, the problem is identified and a plan to solve it is set into motion. There is no delving into past childhood events that may have led to its development. CBT deals with what is going on in the present.

One example deals with fear of dogs. People love dogs, unless they have been bitten. If that fear prevents the client from continuing a relationship with a dog owner, it can be overcome. The client may never get to the point where she adores the pooch. However, she can learn to accept having the pet in her life without dislike or fear.

The therapy might start with a discussion about dogs and how people love them as if they were children. Looking at photos of the different breeds may be next. Since CBT uses homework as part of the therapeutic process, she may be asked to drive to a dog park. From the safety of her car, she will observe how owners and dogs play and have fun with each other.

Next she may be given the assignment to walk down the sidewalk and pass a dog on a leash. She will accept feeling uncomfortable and repeat the process a number of times. Eventually, she will visit a friend who has a dog, reach down and pet it. She might gradually pet larger and larger dogs.

Homework assignments are an integral part of CBT. She may be asked to visit a humane society and walk past dogs that are confined. She may develop an empathy for the ones who do not find a forever home. If she is unable to love them, she may at least tolerate being in close proximity with them.

She may achieve the goal of being able to accept her partners dog. Perhaps one day she will grow to like his furry friend. She will not give up a good relationship because he is unwilling to give up his beloved dog.

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