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Which Is The Best Meditation Technique?

By Steven Williams

The biggest challenge during meditation is how to effectively concentrate. Others think that you require a lot of time, a particular environment or specific resources to generate good results whenever you meditate. The simplest approach to be effective is to find the best meditation technique for your situation and needs.

There is no universal approach when meditating considering that everyone has a different goal. This calls for personalized approach if unique goals are to be achieved. In fact, improvisation plays a big role in helping you achieve results in whichever environment. You have the option of joining a group or meditating alone. As long as you have clearly set goals, the environment or availability of resources should not hinder your progress.

Concentration is considered one of the most effective techniques when meditating. You are required to focus on a single point or idea like repeated sound, breathing, action, etc. One of the widest used exercises is focusing on the flame of a burning candle. Other options include counting the beads of a rosary or necklace and listening to the repetitive sound of a gong.

Straining your focus on a single point or idea is one of the most difficult exercises to begin with. However, experts recommend that you begin with a few minutes. Gradually increase the duration up to about thirty minutes. Anytime your mind strays, restrain your thoughts instead of entertaining the idea. With time, concentration becomes easier.

Mindful meditation is a technique where you pay attention to thoughts as they emerge. You are allowed to entertain the ideas that pop out of your head yet not judge them. Allow the mind to wonder yet make mental notes of these ideas. Through this practice, you will notice the pattern of thought that directs your mind. This awareness is important in creating inner balance since you will learn to appreciate ideas without judging.

The principle target of anyone meditating or any technique is to attain stillness. This should be both at mental and physical level. Activities that are repetitive put you into a cycle that makes it easier to meditate. Repetitive melody, walking, humming, slow movement, counting of beads are such repetitive acts. They do not depend on expensive apparatus or third party interventions.

Guided meditations are sessions with experts with the aim of achieving similar stillness. You have the advantage of numerous resources some of which can be downloaded online or bought from shops. They are specially designed to achieve particular results. Music, sound and conversations dominate this category.

There are great rewards whenever you meditate including easier handling of stress. Whenever you attain inner stillness, your potential is boosted since you generate positive thoughts. Meditating makes you a master of your inner self which means that you can move with confidence towards your desired goals. A few minutes meditating on regular basis are sufficient to achieve desired results. With a simple carpet on the floor, music in the background, walk in the park or just sitting quietly will help you achieve desired results.

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