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Prayer For Healing Gives Hope To Countless People

By Mary Carter

God is there throughout your life, whether it is through happy memories from your childhood to the excellent career and relationships you now have in your adult life. It's easy to have faith when everything is going smoothly and your health is in peak condition. It's harder to keep the faith when you get sick, but prayer for healing will give more hope to you than any over the counter medicine can provide.

No matter what religion you belong to, at some point or another your faith has been tested by severe calamity that befalls either you or your loved one in the form of a sickness. What you need to understand is that this is not a punishment for you or your family. This is a test that every believer must undergo to prove his or her faith to God in the most vulnerable way.

Remember that God is not punishing you for your sins or your attitude. Your illness could be a design of God's to seek his mercy and attain a higher level of spiritual connection with him. This connection can never be attained through the general prayer of the one who expects his daily life to continue as normal. Rather, it is the individual who is unwell that understands how important prayer can be for healing.

Amongst the various reasons that people choose to heal themselves and their loved ones through prayer is the fact that it brings them closer to God in such a way that it would not have been possible without this tragedy. They are reminded of the various saints who have undergone worse calamities and still survived. This gives them hope that they are becoming closer to God each day through continuously remembering him.

There is no greater peace than the peace that comes from pouring out your heart to God and knowing in your heart that he listened to your plea. If you have faith that he will listen to your prayers and grant you good health and a cure from your illness, then it doesn't matter what your prognosis says. Miracles are always more powerful than anything that can be done by a doctor's hand.

If you a true believer in God, sometimes he puts these obstacles in your path to show the non-believers the extent of his power. If you are constantly praying for your good health, and if atheists are witnessing your recovery, it is a good way for them to come towards God. Never underestimate God's ability to convert people.

Sometimes these trials are given to you as a means of recruiting atheists into the fold of religion. When these atheists see the miracle of your recovery, they will begin to believe. This might be another reason your prayer is so valuable.

Don't despair in the mercy of God, because he has not forsaken you. This trial is only temporary, and his love is eternal. Pray for your health now and watch the miracles that unfold in your future.

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