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The Raw Food Diet Has Many Health Benefits

By Wilma Nork

If you are thinking about becoming a raw foodist, you should be happy to know that a lot of people that go raw say that they are much happier and feel freer as a person. You will often find that your stomach starts to shrink. Once you get into healthy living, fast food no longer seems appealing anymore. Instead of biting into that juicy cheeseburger, you will most likely bite into a nutritious bowl of sunflower sprouts. Raw foodists say that you can have a relaxing time getting toxins removed from your body.

Raw foodists claim that human beings build up toxins inside of their body over time. Eventually, these toxins can get you sick. If you eat healthy raw fruits and vegetables, your body will actually get healthy. Raw foodists use a lot of different herbs and spices in their salads. I once tried raw chocolate and it was actually good. If you love milk chocolate, you are going to have to toss that out of your diet and switch to dark. It is important to make a smooth transition. People that have doubts about becoming a raw foodist are actually feeling normal for several different reasons.

Fatty meats and cheeses often cause our blood pressure to rise over time. Doctors often give us medicine to control blood pressure and heart disease. Many people like former President Clinton switched to a vegan diet. It is similar to the raw food diet, in the sense that you don't eat meat or cheese. When you are switching diets, it is important to focus on what makes you healthy. When you feel healthy, positive changes start to happen inside of you. You actually become more aware of your life and becoming stronger.

The hardest part about being on a raw food diet is the limitation of the food that you can eat. You cannot eat bread, pasta, meats or drink milk. Dairy is absolutely out of the question. You will drink a lot of wheat grass juice, green smoothies and healthy green vegetables. I found that the diet works best when you have a lot of activities to do. If you are a couch potato, this diet will be extremely hard because you are used to having your couch snacks. You cannot have greasy potato chips and salty pretzels. It is important to only eat foods that are raw.

Vegetable juice often helps people to prolong their life. It is great for the skin and causes your cells to react very excited to it. Many raw foodists say that the transition is often hard for most people. The main reason is because we live in a culture that is surrounded by unhealthy foods. They are literally all around us. It is even hard to find restaurants that serve raw food. Most people in the world today are not into the raw food lifestyles. Hopefully, the future will change that.

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