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The Very Unusual Spiritual Experience

By Kimberly Stone

It is great to know that there may possibly be a grand holy being who is able to create all of the wonders which currently exist upon this planet. He and his son have given many people a spiritual experience that they will never forget as time passes on. These wonderful happenings can often bring joy into a person's life even though they had been alone and sad.

One woman living in Chicago was sure that she had met the great son of God who is named Jesus and this is no joke. For many years she had questioned her faith because many bad things had happened to her and every person that was related to her. One day she stood outside of her home simply cleaning the carpets and other items which had been located within her great residence.

Some of the carpets had lost all of their coloring since they had faced many abuses during the years. She was lucky enough to have a big porch which could accommodate all of her precious furs. Halfway through this ordeal she was able to spot a young fellow who was approaching her doorstep and he looked very impressive with his wavy hair.

His jeans were full of patches and quite faded but they suited his certain style which seemed to be different from anyone else around. The male also knew how to walk in heavy sandals which still seemed to give him comfort and this was important on such a hot day. He stood for a moment and then asked for a quick drink from her home.

She was kind enough to bring him lemonade and it looked very delicious to the average person. He could not wait to grab the cold refreshment and fully enjoyed gulping it down. The lonely lady took this moment to tell the young lad all the things which had happened to her throughout the years. She did enjoy having company on this very long and warm day.

She gladly shared the history of her family and how she became a widow at an early age. This lady managed to survive even though many of her family members had been murdered or died at a young age from disease. A tear came across her face as she told the male about the children that she never had since her body could not hold a baby for a period of time.

He gently took her hand and told her that all of her problems would heal if she simply had faith once again and try to forget the past. She found this a little comforting but hard to do since the bitter memories would never leave her mind. The two individuals finished off their lemonade and started to say goodbye to one another.

His final embrace was indeed comforting and after this she had a feeling that everything in life would be okay once again. It only took a short period of time before this same woman found herself walking down a wedding aisle with a very impressive man. After this event the duo were able to welcome a brand new son into their lives who arrived from an adoption agency.

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