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Important Aspects Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

By Thomas Graham

Psychotherapy is an important aspect of treatment for many diseases whether physical or psychiatric. Cognitive behavioral therapy (or CBT) is one of the most widely practiced forms of psychotherapy in New Jersey. It entails talking to a therapist in a structured manner over several sessions with the aim of gaining an insight regarding a certain illness and formulating solutions on how one can cope with it. The conditions managed using CBT include depression, eating disorders, and anxiety disorders.

Sessions are typically held once every week or every two weeks with each lasting thirty minutes to one hour. The total number of sessions required varies depending on the type and severity of the illness as well as the response that is shown by the client. The therapy is based on dividing problems into three major groups: thoughts, emotions and actions. Harmful thoughts and emotions are identified and dropped.

The success of this therapy is determined, to a large extent, by the existence of a healthy partnership between the client and the therapist. Clients who are actively involved in making decisions regarding their illness tend to have better outcomes than those that are not. The two should strive to find common ground for most of the major issues relating the condition or illness. Treatment options should be a product of consultations between the two.

One must remember that CBT takes time to works and the results are not immediate. There is a need to work hard and to stick to the treatment plan if even no motivation to do so exists. It is not uncommon for some clients to have their symptoms worsen particularly during the beginning of therapy but the situation tend to improve with time.

This treatment may be offered to individual patients or to groups. It is, as a matter of fact an important part of family and couples therapy. When used for groups, the only requirement is that the clients should share similar problems. The advantage of offering CBT to groups is that the group members learn coping skills from each other and are likely to respond faster than individual clients.

The client should be honest and as open as possible if they are to benefit from this treatment. They need to freely share their thoughts, experiences and emotions with their therapist to make it possible for solutions to be formulated. In case one feels that sharing some information is embarrassing or is likely to result into emotional pain they should let the therapist know. The therapist is obliged to maintain client confidentiality (except in very rare circumstances).

Even after successful therapy, symptoms may recur. Re-enrolling for CBT sessions and practicing the skills that have been acquired in the past are helpful if such is the case. Other forms of treatment may also be incorporated into the treatment plan to optimize on the results that are obtained through CBT. Such include the use of medications and other forms of talk treatments.

The decision to seek CBT may be made by your primary doctor or by yourself. Regardless of the case, you should ensure that the therapist is qualified (has the right education and licensing). Find out the costs involved in advance and whether or not this is part of your health cover. This will help you avoid dropping out of treatment due to financial constraints.

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