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With Spiritual Awakening A Need For Self Betterment Also Awakes

By Mark Moore

Many millions of people have worked very hard to achieve success in their careers and to accumulate material wealth, only to find that they are not satisfied with their lives. They reach a point where they start wondering what the true meaning of life really is and they suspect that they are not getting out of life what there is to get. With such spiritual awakening these individuals also start to develop a strong desire to achieve peace, happiness and inner contentment.

Even when mankind was a primitive being he believed that he possesses a soul, an inner true self that has needs much different from those of his physical body. Man recognized the fact that he needs to take steps to feed the needs of his soul. This is where priests, prophets, gurus and many other professions originated. These individuals believed that they knew exactly what it is that man needs to satisfy the needs of his soul and sometimes they even enforced their beliefs forcibly.

Religion has always been one of the most popular ways in which people satisfy their inner needs. Most religions appeal to people because they believe in a supreme creator that is in charge of the entire universe and they believe that there is life after the life on earth. To most people, this is a comforting doctrine and the discipline imposed by the various churches have always served an important role in the shaping of society as a whole.

Many others find religion to be confining, prescriptive and shallow. Large numbers of people opt for disciplines such as yoga or meditation to satisfy their inner needs and to achieve individual development. They enjoy the fact that they can practise their disciplines in private but that they can interact with others of the same inclination when they have a need to do so.

Some people experience discontent and a vague desire to change, to improve and to find a deeper meaning in life. Their problem is that they often do not know exactly what it is that they are looking for or where or how to find it. Perhaps that is why their has been such a boom in the life coach industry. Coaches lure clients by promising them that they will help them to identify their needs and steer them towards personal development.

A surprising number of people find perfect inner satisfaction by dedicating their lives to the serving of others and worthy causes. Many such people can be found in the various religious orders but many others are simply deeply involved in charitable works within their communities. By helping others and by sacrificing their own needs they achieve a feeling of self worth and inner fulfilment.

Each individual must find his or her own path towards happiness and individual growth. Every person has unique needs and if something works for one person it will not necessarily satisfy another. It may be worthwhile to explore different paths until the most rewarding one is discovered. The search for fulfilment can be fulfilling in itself and may just contribute towards a more tolerant nature.

Mankind is inventive and inquisitive. It is not strange that so many people are seeking for a deeper meaning in life. Man certainly had the right to live life to the fullest and to experience everything life has to offer.

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