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How Building Walls Can Destroy You

By Evan Sanders

"Before I built a wall I'd ask to know, what I was walling in or walling out?" - Frost

Whenever I ask someone about the benefits of building walls they give me the exact same answer every time. "They are good for keeping things out."

Yes! Very true. I usually ask a follow up question after that, "What else are they good for?" You wouldn't imagine the pause and dead silence after that.

"Hmmmm...I don't know!" Don't worry I'll give it to you. As good as walls are for keeping things out they also do a great job of trapping things "in."

This is exactly where the trouble is when it comes to our daily lives. We build walls for many reasons: fear, pain, regret, doubt, worry...I mean the list goes on and on. In fact, the more pain we go through the more walls we build. We build them higher, double back them, and try to make them indestructible all with the intent of keeping out those bad experiences again.

When you build walls to keep everything away from you, you hide your gifts inside your own personal little prison where no one else can see them. In fact, you are hiding your true self away from the world.

But it gets much worse. When you spend your time building walls you fail to create any "exits" for yourself and when things get bad, they really go bad.

As life would have it, it loves to create a little bit of chaos once you think you are safe. It will find its way into your "protected" zone and start a few fires here and there. Then, since you have no escape, you will watch everything burn straight to the ground.

Walls can numb you. They can turn you to ice.

When you shut yourself off from experience life in its fullest and everything that the world has to offer you aren't really living. You're just having an experience of surviving. You're doing whatever it takes to get by but not really out there in the world thriving.

These walls that you've built served you at one time in protecting your heart, but now they are just hurting you. They are hurting you because you can't grow from that trapped place anymore. You can't experience what you need to experience to help you continue to develop. The negative emotions stay out (for the most part) but those positive qualities that you have - the potential that you have discovered - those stay in.

The gifts you were given will never come out to play if you trap them inside of you.

If you want to have an amazing experience living in this world, you have to tear down the walls.

Yes it's going to the scary. But stepping into vulnerability is a life changing decision.

Take a risk. Break down your barriers

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